I Badly Need A Watch

24 August 2009

My Dad just recently bought a luxury watch for a very cheap price. I mean, when he went to the shop, its the only Rolex in the delicate glass stand. But doubts are there if its real or not. Watches ought to be of good quality and of great value. We all know that we will never get quality for a cheap price. I am all willing to pay extra for that so-called quality time.

It's been years since I had a nice watch. It was stolen together with my son's baby bag. What is it doing in a baby bag, if you might ask. Well, so precious, I had to remove it because we had to travel with our car windows open. As we went to have some snacks in a restaurant, I left the baby bag in the car, got whatever is just needed. When we got back, the car door was open and the bag was gone. I can't believe that the thief would even get a baby bag. Well, I guess he sensed that there's something important inside.

As I was surfing the net for possible sellers, I found http://www.bestoftime.com/. You know what, they exactly have the watch my Dad bought just a few weeks back. And its on sale. I would love to have one too if given the chance. And I want this Rolex.

Its like the Rolls- Royce of watches.

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