03 August 2009

I am officially going to start posting affirmations every Monday. Defeating that Monday blues, let my weekly affirmation help brighten you up as you begin a new journey every week. Posting affirmations helped me cope greatly throughout my week. Battling- off stress and unnecessary emotions that tends to keep a person down. Last week, I was down with colds and flu. I can't barely talk. With this, I was still doing everything by myself from taking my son to and from school, chores, trying my very best to prepare good food, and keeping a light disposition. I've become aware on new things as a mother. Even if you're sick, you just can't sit and watch, or lay down and let the day pass without doing anything for the family. It makes us "as the light of the family" feel incomplete. On the other hand, resting and taking care of oneself is also essential in order to provide a healthy day. Being fully aware of our needs as an individual, helps maintain a good relationship with the family and it makes you glow.

Aside from family life, there are more things that inspire me everyday. 3 other reasons that makes me whole as a person.
Being a food lover. Kitchen has always been part of the family tree. Coming from a clan of Kapampangans, I learned to love the kitchen through my Mother and Grandmother. Cooking is an easy thing to do, almost everyone can cook. We become unique, with the flavors we make and the recipes we concoct.

The only passion I keep for myself right now is creating notes online. It makes my mind stay active and for the past 2 years, it slowly brought out a new person. I never knew that I'll be able to create stories and various articles. I was never a writer at heart, I never even liked reading books. I was just an ordinary girl next door.
I keep blogging as a form of outlet. As of the moment, I take time and on a slower pace, making room for one more hobby.

Photography. I am now loving it. As a contributing factor on being self-aware, I am opening myself fully to this new interest. I still don't have the time though. For now, all I can do is to equip myself with readings and join forums online to be more knowlegeable. I am very particular with Potraiture. As I was going through some readings in National Bookstore, I was happy to find out that I am moving on the right path.
Portrait photography is just so fascinating. I get to study the face of the subject, develop a close relationship with the person, and become more creative that will help enhance my skills. This book gave justice why I needed a DSLR.

SLRs gives more professional results and because of its cost, size, and speed of use, it is the choice of many. You can change lenses for different effects. Ultimately, you have greater creative control. I don't have the skills yet (how I wish I do) and the proper knowledge. I only own a basic camera kit. And I'm not saying I am good at it. But that doesn't also mean its not possible to be able to take great shots.

my sister ella (taken at the La Mesa Ecopark)
This is an opportunity for me to grow and develop more as a person. Thinking on justifying the right gadget or not, it brought me second thoughts on committing on this field. Scared to fit in the world of Photography. Another realization though, if it is really your heart's desire, just go for it! Regardless of what people might think. Take criticism as a healthy option. By the way, constructive criticism and unsolicited advices are truly different from each other. Don't listen to those who gives discouraging words. People tend to act as if "they know it all" just because they were there first, they had it first or because they studied about it. We become experts through constant learning. And learning is gained 'til forever.

Later, I plan to enroll and study Photography. I think that's the best time to invest on a new cam.
When you look back at your life, will you remember the journey?Conscious living is about taking the time for yourself to think about and choose the life you want. It is about understanding and changing any negative thoughts, patterns and behaviours we may have.-source-


Chris said...

your posts are really encouraging.. you truly deserve my award :D thanks enchie for posting this!

i love photography too... and i know one day, i will excel here too... :D

Enchie said...

you're very welcome Chris...lets go for it!

Seiko said...

I agree w/ Mommy Chris.
I salute you:)
Thanks for the visit & left me good words.
Ang ganda ng sister mo lahi pala kayo talaga ng magaganda.:)

♥Willa♥ said...

thanks for the idea, I might do the same and call it my Monday Affirmations. :)
and I totally understand with the motherly/wifely thing. There are certain days that I don't feel like doing anything at all, but deep within me,something is telling me I got to do something, either to cook something for the boys,take them to the playground or just do something. I can't let it pass bec it's the mother instinct that talking to me. :)

kittykat said...

Hello Mommy are all welcome to visit Davao..I would love to show can even bring your camera..I assure you have so many beautiful subjects here..I can treat you durian as well..

Ebie said...

Hi Ench, I like that positive attitude. We have a few things in common. I take blogging as an outlet, photography as a release of tension but I am more into landscape. My rescued cat has changed my life, in a way. Follow your dreams and good luck.

Karen said...

Good Luck to your new hobby :D

You can do it!

God Bless you and your family!
Have a good night!