The Dreamer Will Stop Dreaming In Her Dreams

17 August 2009

This may be something negative on first impression...please read on.

"I am free of the past and the future. The moment I live in is now, with no history affecting my choices in the present".

If there is something greatly attaching me to this world... that would be my dreams. Its nothing negative on my part. I have been telling myself that for every dream, it will come in the right time, and live what is in the present.
I guess, I had a hard time stopping from dreaming... and I ended grasping for some breathing air, running after what I wanted (plans & goals). Whether it is for my family, myself or for others.

Over the weekend, I was awakened to stick with what is happening at the moment. And I will start to go through the week taking it step by step living each day fully. Once in a while we need to have a little enlightenment of what we used to have as a perspective in life. Well, I thank God for the life he has given me, and I'm able to take dreams as inspirations not as an aiming point. If it's really meant for me or for my family, why not, we will glady accept it with open arms.

Work and stress combined, makes us think beyond the life we have right now. And we exceed with the use of so much time, we drain our brains, and physically, we get exhausted. When in fact, if we were only thinking of the task to be finished that day, we should be excelling and preserving our strength for another successful day. Which will definitely, still contribute for a brighter future. We don't lose anything and we will still gain a lot.

Have a great week ahead!


onlinemommy said...

This is a very enlightening. Thank you for sharing.

Jacris said...

I agree with you that If it's really meant for you and for your family, gladly accept it with open arms.Thanks for sharing glad I visit you today nice post Enchie..Btw tag for you here.

Clarissa said...

Thanks for sharing--very enlightening entry,Momy Enchie!!^_^

fedhz said...

Words of Wisdom ito, mommy ench. uu nga eh, tamang tama sakin ngayon. kase nga ang dami ko ding gustong gawin. hinay hinay lang, one step at a time. naghahabol kase ako. ang tagal kong pumetix. so ngayon, gusto ko naman gawin lahat. hehe.


Twinkie said...

Got to love this post Enchie!