Travelling The US

19 August 2009

It has always been our plan to visit America. October of last year was suppose to be the month of our grand vacation. Grand for me, because it is going to be my first and I poured so much time in 3 months just to get Visas for me and my son. But it didn't push through. As we weighed our priorities for 2009, we decided to move our travel to a more convenient time. Keep those fingers crossed. Of course, I got very excited. Especially after receiving my visa. We did prepare for this trip, including our itinerary. I may be visiting one country, but what a big one.

There's a lot to go to in America. First thing we had to figure out is our accommodation for every state we will be visiting. From Georgia, Florida, Virginia, New Jersey and New York. Surely, Chicago is one of them. We thought that Chicago Apartments is going to be one of our options when we visit Illinois. Chicago Hotels would also be great. With these options, I think everything will run smoothly when we get there.

My husband mentioned to me that it's also nice to visit California. We have a relative in San Francisco and my husband has been there several times. He stayed at various San Francisco Hotels.
Looking for a good, yet reasonable place to stay is not going to be a problem. Well, I pray for that convenient time to come sooner. Right now, school and my husband's hectic schedule at work is keeping us. We surely need a big break!

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kikamz said...

indeed you need a big break ench! hope that US vacation will push through one of these days, God willing!