Creating A Photo Blog

15 August 2009

Its been almost a year for Sweet Nothings, more than half a year for my Food blog (From My Kitchen and Beyond). Now, I am thinking of creating a new site for my photos. I have been thinking about this for a very long time. Its not easy to maintain 2 sites alone. Adding another might just make things a bit complicated.

Just in case I come up with this Photo blog, a webhosting solution should be the first thing to consider. As for me, I like a webhost that offer free domain names. Its one of the things I greatly like my sites to have. My own domain name.I want to make this 3rd blog of mine, to be a bit personal.

I checked several webhosting sites and I found some that might cater to my ideas. And it ain't easy. Finding the best webhosting service for my website is very confusing. There are endless options from the top hosts or the least expensive service.

Since I'm at the verge of taking my time, a detailed review of these webhosting sites should be done. from their rates, reliability and speed, especially on the technical support aspect. I sure do hope that by the time I'm able to make up my mind, a good webhost is also ready to cater to my every need.


Joops said...

I only have one but its hard to maintain it lol.. goodluck!

MaRyA said...

go go go! with the photo blog!