Goodbye Canon Ixus 70

18 August 2009

I started to love taking pictures when I bought this baby...the Canon Ixus 70. It's one of Canon's old digital cameras, I know.
Believe me, I was choosing between this and Olympus' new waterproof cam. I still chose this. Aside from being sleek and light, this camera has a viewfinder. Once you've ran out of battery, the viewfinder is always available to assist you in taking more pictures. And to add, Canon was the first to release digital cameras (if I'm not mistaken, they started with Poweshot 600 in 1996). Then the release of PowerShot S100 Digital ELPH or Digital IXUS in other regions (2000). Of course, as to what have many told me, Canon holds the best lenses too.
You wanna see some pictures ?

All are taken from the Canon Ixus 70. It's nice to have a small camera to bring around. By the way, these are all old pictures. I really concentrated using my entry DSLR since I bought it. The only difference is the weight and size, and yes, a digital camera is more convenient to bring around.
But I am after taking better shots with a better camera... If I have the will to get my hands on it, I made sure that I also have the strength to bring it (dslr) around.
It was quite an investment (dslr), its such a shame if I will only leave it at home, and still end up with my digital camera.

Color Accent 101
And today, I am officially saying goodbye to my Canon Ixus 70. I sold it to my Dad some months ago. My sister accidentally dunked their digital camera in the toilet bowl. That time, my Dad was bound to leave for Singapore, and he desperately needed a camera. Later on offered to pay for it. I can still use it though... But I already have a new camera. Besides, if this is the case, there's something new to look forward to next year... a new digicam!
Giant Xmas Tree Araneta Center Cubao
Joe Lovano Playing Double Sax
All photos taken with Canon Ixus 70.


chubskulit said...

wow, how old is this now?

our old one is an Olympus then we recently bought a Sony.. its hard letting go of things that is very sentimental isn't it?

kikamz said...

those were great photos ench! but i guess since you have ur dslr, u should use it more frequently. so that you can also experiment with it.

Clarissa said...

I love the way your photos are taken,Mommy Enchie--looks like a pro.^_^
Mine is also a Canon (IXY digital 810 IS) there's no doubt about the best results on DSLR but with our lifestyle, we don't need the weight and the size of it.I'm still looking for best digicam that will get a closer shots ( hopefully,kung meron man but I doubt it coz of the power lens)like DSLR.

fedhz said...

wow, mommy! magaling ka talaga! sabi nga ni boyfriend, it's not what your machine can do, but you can do with your machine. kahit anong gamitin mong cam, magaganda talaga ang kuha mo. and yeah, ako rin gusto ko ung maliit lang na camera.

pinaayos ko nga ung Ixus 800 kase nga nabagsak ni yz diba? ayun kakatxt lang kanina, 5000+ ung repair and service. iniisip ko kung paayos ko nalang or buy ng new one. eh ung bago na same specs with that eh 12k na lang. itong ixus 800 mga 23k nya nabili 3 years ago sa Hongkong pa. so yun. what do you think?

iba pa rin shempre ung DSLR, kaso kase ayaw pagamit sakin ni Mike pag ako lang. pag kasama sya, pwede. hehehe!

fedhz said...

ay barok naman ung sinulat ko. pwede bang iedit?

What you can do with your machine dapat yun. wahahah! suri.

Chris said...

you really got good talent with photography... no matter what camera you use... you are good. :)

♥Willa♥ said...

i know what you mean with digicam being so handy, especially with some little occasions, minsan ako pa nahihiya bec i'm carrying such a big baby, kaya i have to borrow my old digicam from patrick from time to time.Loyal ka pala talaga sa Canon.

Bambie said...

I had sleepless nights deciding on what Id buy for digicam, choices ko lang nun was canon ixus and fijifilm. Maganda talaga resolution ng mga shots ng canon, kahit point and shoot cams lang.

Goodluck on your photography. Try creating an account in Flickr. Dami din amateur photographers dun thus the photos are all protected =)

mav said...

Im planning to buy a dslr sometime next year hehe any tips sa pagpili?:)

Enchie said...

Hi Mav! it depends on the functions you're looking for a cam. It may be best to invest in a dslr with just the right features.