Saturday Was So Close Night

30 August 2009

Its a Saturday. Sunday and Monday are still to come. Its a long weekend for everyone here in the Philippines. My husband and I decided to stay at home and relax with some homemade chicken wraps and a movie called So Close. We have been choosing between SEVEN (Brad Pitt) and So Close an action-adventure Hong Kong film. We chose So Close. This movie came out in 2002, I can still remember seeing the movie poster in Megamall while on a date, with still my BF then, now my husband. It really didn't attract me, thinking that it's another chick- action movie. Last night, I gave it a try. Besides, its nice to watch old flicks that is not from my usual preference.

My Chicken Wrap (recipe to be posted soon)

I didn't get disappointed, its the best action chick-flick I watched. Sorry to say, its better than Charlie's Angels. It's not that I want to compare, but the last chick- flick I watched was Charlie's Angel.
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So Close was distributed by Columbia Pictures. The movie went around the story of 2 sisters who grew and were trained to be hired assassins, computer hackers and espionage specialists. Who used their late father's advanced secret satellite technology to give them access and advantage over their enemies. At the beginning of the movie they assassinated the chairman of a top Chinese company. The older sister played by Shu Qi as Lin was the one taking action while the younger sister Zhao Wei – Quan assisted via satellite, studying the location and possible solutions for a clean mission.

In the aftermath of their successful mission, an intelligent Police Detective named Kong Yat Hung (Karen Mok) (the third lady in the poster) was assigned to their case and was able to track them down. The story became more complicated when the sisters became targets of the very people who originally hired them. More Here.
The fight scenes were the ones that got really into me. Its different for girls to go and battle the bad guys with various Kung Fu techniques. I bet, the cast studied and trained Kung Fu to give justice to their characters. Bravo!
So what's up for today (Sunday) and tomorrow? We'll see, we will be having lunch with my parents today. Later, might go some place else again... Tomorrow, might be a total rest day, for another week of work, school and chores. Have a lovely day!
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Momma Bams said...

wow your chicken wrap looks so yummy yummy.. tempting talaga..
I already watched So Close, and I agree that its betten than CHarlie's ANgels.. ganda ng background diba while in-action, close to you..

Jacris said...

I'm agree with mommy Bams about the chicken wrap it really looks so inviting and how did you cook it? Mukang masarap. About the film, oh my I didn't know this movie maybe I should watch it for sure magandang movie to :p

darly said...

i have seen so close before, and i never expected to enjoy it (well chinese movie kasi di ba), plus i think the girls are so gorgeous, plus factor din yun.

and yep, that chicken wrap looks so mouth watering delicious.

darly said...

i have seen so close before, and i never expected to enjoy it (well chinese movie kasi di ba), plus i think the girls are so gorgeous, plus factor din yun.

and yep, that chicken wrap looks so mouth watering delicious.

joy said...

the chicken wrap looks really delicious! yes it was a long weekend indeed and it's so nice and relaxing to spend those days with our loved ones.

nikogirl said...

oh my ench. favorite ko yang so close!! i cant count na how many times i watched it.. :D

Beth said...

I also like So Close. Watched it more than two times na. Mganda. I like the action moves. and the Girl Power, of course! :)

One of the chick flick that I also want is Naked Weapon. Once ko lang napanood pero nagandahan ako. Ska like ko din kasi si Maggie Q. :)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow! your chicken wrap looks great! mukhang masarap yan ha ^_^
I had fun watching the movie "So Close" before.. ^_^

kikamz said...

how did you make your chicken wrap ench? they look delicious! hintayin ko ang recipe mo ha?

i agree with you. so close is one movie that has never failed my expectations. very great performance of Lin and Quan. and since we're talking movies, i would like to invite you for Tuesday Couch Potatoes na lang din. i observed that you love watching movies too! it would be fun to learn what movies you watch for a particular theme. join us every Tuesday? hugs!

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