Healing Touch For Children

26 August 2009

My dad gave me a book on Massage, Reflexology and Acupressure for Children by Mary Atkinson. As early as our little one's first month, a good massage helps with the development of the skeletal, muscular and psychological aspects of the infant/child. A parent's touch gives a full blanket of security to the child. Being a parent is the most rewarding that can happen to a person. But it is also the most demanding task. Modern living brings out stress, competitive nature and unwanted pressures. That's to us adults, can you imagine the effects of it on a child?

A mother or a father's touch helps to make them feel relaxed and at ease. This book I am going to share will give opportunities for us parents to establish again the importance of our healing hands. The gift of security is vital for the child's early growth and development.

Here are some benefits I found in this new reading: In both long and short term caring touch can...

  • Encourage better-quality sleep, leading to an improved temperament.

  • Encourages a healthy immune system, helping to prevent fight infections.

  • Provides a valuable opportunity to share time together---having fun.

  • Builds trust and intimacy through non-verbal communication.

  • Tales away child's mind from worries and doubts.
Avoid Massage, reflexology and acupressure if :

  • Child has been vaccinated previously.

  • Has an infection.

  • If child is undergoing medical care. Best to seek pediatrician's advice

  • Working over cuts and bruises

  • Be aware on skin allergies if you're using oils and creams.
Basic Massage Routine---head, shoulder and back

  • This series of movements takes around 7-10 mins. Perform it gently with soothing strokes.

  • First fold---resting your hands on your child's shoulders

  • Back Circles---Stroking your hands up and around your child's back at the shoulder blade area.

  • Back Rubbing---Rubbing across the upper back, tops of the shoulders, upper arm in small zigzag movements.

  • Shoulder Kneading---Gently knead the soft flesh beneath on your child's shoulders.

  • Beating On The Upper BAck

  • Back Stroking

  • Arm Patting

  • Arm Kneading

  • Shoulder Stroking

  • Neck Rubbing

  • Head Rubbing

  • Hair Shampooing

  • Tabla On the Head---Gently drum the pads of your fingers in a random fashion all over your child's head.

  • Head and Shoulder Stroking

  • Temple Circles

  • Forehead Stroking
This is just the basic. There's a lot more that will greatly help in giving your child a healing touch. I suggest you go get the book, especially for the Moms. Its Healing Touch For Children by: Mary Atkinson.
There are also massages on treating common ailments such as asthma, hayfever, cough and colds, sinus problems, sleeping problems, eye strain. All the techniques in order to provide comfort for our children are all in this book.


nikogirl said...

mukang ok to mom ench! naku i have to get one!

thanks for the info ha..

onlinemommy said...

Kakatuwa naman to hehehe...
Pero I believe in the healing power of touching.

Thanks for sharing.

Martine Groeneveld said...

Thank you for sharing this info. As a baby and child massage instructor and as a mom I'm a true believer of nurturing touch during childhood. I don't know this book, but will certainly check it out.

Enchie said...

Nikogirl! I'm sure Yena will love it!

Onlinemommy! True! and thanks for the wondeful visit.

Martine! It perfectly suits your job, it will really help. I guess even without the book, we can all still provide that soft touch to our kids.thanks you for visiting!

Clarissa said...

I believe that touching our children (even touching their hair)shares bonding with both the children and the parent--and yes it heals!