Keeping An Open Mind

10 August 2009

My batteries are low today...I don't know when I'll charge back. I enjoyed a cool weekend with my family. We went shopping for my new jacket, enjoyed a pan of pizza and a wonderful movie. But it seems like my brain isn't cooperating well. I think I enjoyed our weekend too much (hehehe!). I want to describe how our weekend went (like the usual), but no words are popping out at least to start it.

I'm making this blog instead.

You know what made my weekend exciting? I found a store that sells the DSLR Protector that I intend to buy on Ebay. So yehey! Because I hate making transactions online. I didn't buy it yet because I didn't bring my camera. And I already bought so much in one day.
The jacket alone, ate all of my cash (but it was a worthy buy). Its the only clothing my closet lack.
And to keep the blues away the whole week, I plan to go on some "Me Time" this week. Get a haircut, buy that cam protector, buy another jacket and some new clothes for my son. If not, ah well, I'll just save.
Hopefully by Friday, I'll be able to get my hands on some blogging money too.
More yehey! yehey!yehey!
And keeping an open mind will still make me a contented person, in case none of my plans will push through. Spending quality time with my family is good. Like really good.
So there, I ended up posting my affirmation for the week .


nurseabie said...

wow! shopping galore ench! I love it.hehe

kikamz said...

that's a cool jacket ench! and am glad you found that DSLR protector in a store. i think it makes it mroe convernient for you kasi magagamit mo agad upon purchase. you won't have to wait for it to arrive.