How Old Is Old?---Updated

20 August 2009

My apologies to Cathara of Cathara and Secretly Sinning, thanks for letting me know that this is part of your contest...

Thanks to Kikamz of Just About Anything and KittyKat of Amazingly Me who shared this tag with me asking How Old Is Old?

Is the question asking how old the word "old" existed or is it asking on our point of view on what really "old" pertains to.

Here are my answers basing it on 3 different kinds of perspective:

Physical--- the skin gets all wrinkly, cool gray hair takes over, movement and comprehension is slower. But still capable of doing a lot of things.

Age--- We shouldn't worry about aging. It's an experience (getting old) that we should fully live and enjoy. They say that as the person matures over time, the "true" physical beauty comes out.
And I see it in my husband. I look at him everyday... In my eyes, I see a more handsome fellow, than before when we first met. It makes me fall in love over and over again.

History--- Considered as something from the past. An event, thing, experience, person. That or who, once existed or has become part of.
"Getting old is also an opportunity to live again the life we had once when we were young. Only, with gray hair." Less responsibilities, more free time and a more relaxed life as we retire.

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cathara said...

aaawww...that is so sweet of you:* re 'age'. this reminds me of 'the notebook' movie. have you seen it? thank you so much for sharing.

you might wonder who i am:P found this blog through kittykats comment box.

i got to check this out coz i started this tag:P i think its beginning to get unlinked, lol. its my 1st little blog contest actually.

in case you wanna join, sponsor, etc, just visit my blog for the simple mechanics:D mas marami mas masaya:D

in any case, thank you so much for your opinion:) i didnt know it wouldnt be so difficult to get answers from my fellow bloggers:D


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kittykat said...

thanks for doing this Mommy your answer..

joy said...

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♥Willa♥ said...

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How Old is old?

Jacris said...

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Jacris said...

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