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25 August 2009

Let me clear that I am doing this as a hobby. As promised here is the entry from my picturesque weekend. The photo shoot was a sudden activity. Saturday morning, I went to my hometown to do some things for my mom. Went to DFA'a satellite office with them to help them get their passports. While waiting, my sister and I talked about headshots, facebook, multiply and the likes. I got excited and asked if they want to take pictures that very same day too. And so we went on with the plan called my cousin Soqui. We ordered a bucket from KFC, enjoyed a fantastic dinner and talked about stuff. It was like a slumber party. My cousin Jordon, who is a make-up artist was suppose to join us too. But he had an activity prior to our invitation, so we ended up doing our own faces.

My Mom actually lent us her new set of make-ups. I really didn't have anything. So thanks mommy!

Photo shoots for me is a fun activity. Its playing around with the camera. Only, the camera is bigger and has better features. We coached each other on the poses and copied some from a magazine. It was very fulfilling to be able to get great pictures. If not great, shots beyond the usual.
In our guestroom, I turned on the AC and I assembled my set (as if I have the real photo set-up) just some lamps, and my reliable black back-drop. Black makes the subject stand out that's why I love it. But don't worry, I do have intentions of using lighter backgrounds, natural light and more props. I started with my sister Ella.
As we all know, she's my favorite subject. There were daring shots. I'm talking about half-naked pictures (see my FB if you're my contact). It turned out nice, but since blogspot is an open network, I decided not post everything.

-My sister Les-

She was the hardest to capture. She has braces! She's not really the only one, we both don't know how to strike a pose.
 It will take hundreds of test shots for us to be able to nail a pose and a smile. Over-all, the pretty girl with braces was able to find her forte.
And finally, SOQUI. We all knew her from my last set of portraits.
If you noticed everyone was wearing their t-shirts. We totally forgot to change to our intended clothing. But I liked the color of Soqui's shirt. Its the face not the shirt. There was something I didn't like that night though... I got fewer shots compared to the first batches. I was really tired from a full day of activites. While shooting the last person, my eyes got all watery and blurry, I couldn't see clearly through the viewfinder. It was really bad. I could have gotten more. I apologize to my sister Les, for not being able to give my 100%. With this empty space that made me feel incomplete, I asked my dad to accompany me to go on location for another shoot. I will take my time, have fun, and be 100% ready.
It still brought a great feeling. I was able to bond with my cousin and sisters, we enjoyed laughing making-fun of each other's poses. It was awesome. And thank you to my blogmates who gave such wonderful comments on Facebook (you know who you are).


chris said...

photos with intensity and passion... that is what i see in your pics.. great job!

onlinemommy said...

These are great shots! You really like a pro. Hindi ako photographer ha pero I really appreciate your work, ang galing galing! Keep up the good work!

Thumbs up!

Enchie said...

thank you Chris and Onlinemom!

darly said...

momi enchie,

i think you should go pro na- you have the eye for it... ang galing!!

kikamz said...

these are wonderful photos ench! it's as if kuha sa totoong studio. and i can sense from the photos that you are close to the subjects. i agree with the others, you're like a pro!

Enchie said...

Thankd Darly!
@ Kamz, thanks! yeah I was very close to the subject. Been experimenting lately :D

Laine said...

danda naman ng shots mo ench parang pro na tlaga ang kumuha. pede mag apply as a model.:))

Enchie said...

hehehe! thanks Laine!

pehpot said...

are we friends in FB ba?

anyways, I like the third photo the most..

if you're up to outdoor shooting, maganda sa Rain forest :)

ganun ka din b with your boy? ikaw ang tiga assemble at tiga ayos ng mga toys nya?

Make or Break

Jes said...

ang ganda ench!!!! i love yung mata lang! sana minsan makasama ako sa trippings nyo ahahah you know how much i love photos =) nde nga lng ako magaling sa pag shoot ehhehe =)

Enchie said...

Hi Mommy Peh, oo mag contact tayo sa FB :D
Hi Jes! thanks ha, hayaan mo magkakataon din na magkita tayo.

Momma Bams said...

these are real nice shots, pro ang dating nga mga shots i swear... fun talaga ang magpictorial lalo na with close friends or relatives (and family)..

Anyway, di yata tayo friends sa FB, pa-add if you have time (


Clarissa said...

What an amazing photos of sister,Mommy Enchie!!I love all your shots!!Work of a professional!!^_^