If I'm Getting Into Photography?

29 November 2008

After I introduced the Canon Eos 1000D, people had been asking if I am getting into photography or is it my new passion. I'll be honest, I wanted a DSLR because I want to take "better" pictures.  My only mistake is that, I bought a new digicam early this year without doing any research or reviews on the available options. Early today, my parents visited us, I showed them some of the pictures I took from the 1000D. My dad asked me: "so did you study about photography?"
My answer: I am still in the process of learning and studying the camera, and yes, I am opening myself in loving photography. I am willing to learn. It would be a waste if I will limit the soul purpose of the camera, especially when the package includes a 3 day Photography Lessons with Canon. But... I "might not" get into it 100%, my life is at home,  most of my joys are with my family. The pictures that I will be able to share are with my loved ones.

Right now, I am just concentrated with what my Eos has to offer. I had some pics assessed by a friend who is very much into photography as a hobby and his dad professionally.

Assessment: The camera per se is really good. The features has the basic and professional combined. My shots are okay for a first timer. All I have to do is to study the gadget, angles and maybe think on what kind of photos my heart & mind desires the most.With regards to the type of photo, it's too early to tell. I want to experience everything first. Landscapes, portraits, art, everything! Part of it, is studying the different types of lenses that are "essential". So far, I am very satisfied and happy, that now, I am able to get better pictures of my family. (which was my main goal) It's such a fulfillment reaching a certain goal. All I had to do is to learn to wait. With the holidays' just less than a month away, oh boy, am I very excited to take more pictures.
I hope this entry will answer the question : Are you getting into photography?


{ Jhari } said...

When I had my cam last year ate, hubby asked me if I'm into photography as well. Sagot ko lang "Nothing... just like to have better pictures..." - same answers, hehehe! My friends back home though are concentrating on it as a hobby. Nag-phophotoshoot pa nga sila eh.

Btw, hubby's not into photography before but you know when he started to take shots with my Nikon he somehow appreciate my love in photography narin, nahawa po. :)

Joy said...

Hi Enchie.. Congrats for having your 100D ,, Me too I just bought my Canon 3 months ago ,, and I'm loving it!!!!! Kuha lang ng kuha ng pic,,, there are heaps of resources to learn from the net about taking good photos.. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Umma said...

I think learning photography is one of the best hobby to learn..If you find it interesting and loving it, why not, right?

You're doing good in taking pictures my dear, so you need to post more pictures every day. hahaha