Christmas Thoughts and Shopping-edited

11 November 2008

  Last year was fun. My in-laws watched us open our presents online :) Then they saw the Christmas dinner table. We exchanged greetings and even reminded each other to hear mass on this special day.
Speaking of Christmas and presents, I officially started my Christmas shopping. While looking for a nice Christmas wrapper, I accidentally bumped a rack of this cutie paper bag.

All I can say was "you were meant for me...(wink-wink)" it's cuteness everywhere. My son helped me pick the bags too. It's accidental to have passed at this side of the store. Some people were blocking the main path going to the wrapping section, so I went around. I don't really know what to use it for, I bought a lot thinking, I might use it for future gift giving.

The special ones? I have 2 nieces and a nephew. Looking something for the kids isn't that hard. You'll just have to know their age, their interests and buy something that will be useful for them even after Christmas. One thing I love is giving multiple presents. This is where "smart buying" comes in.

  • It's not necessarily buying something cheap or way too expensive.
  • Every year, a budget should always be allotted. May it be big or small. It will help lower the stress level.
  • And it will take more than a day finding the right present. Even for a person who has tons of cash. Window shopping is my partner in this kind of situation.
My purpose of giving out more than 1 present, is to see them enjoy tear the wrapper with anticipation on what's inside knowing that there's another to open. I saw it with my son. I want every little kid I know or my future children, to experience those simple joys. My theme this year are Disney's Princesses for the girls and Superhero characters (Marvel & DC) for the boys including my son.

Looking at the princesses made me want a girl for my next child :).

With regards to the gifts for the grown-ups, I really spend for them. One gift of value is good. But I'm still thinking... I want to make it individually this year. Last Christmas we gave presents by couple.

Here are samples of my "almost" Xmas Presents. I used metallic. Plain but will make your loved one remember you... Almost? because I'm still thinking if I should tie a ribbon or just buy a ready- made bow & sash. What do you think?

Well, there goes my Christmas thoughts on gift giving. I also plan to prepare some goodie bags for the children for our Christmas party. It will add some more excitement. The laughter of the kids alone, makes Christmas joyous and worth remembering.


AZ Mom of Many Hats said...

I was just telling my s-i-l about the first Christmas my husband, girls and I spent away from any of our family. It was very difficult for me. I am very close to my family and we always had huge celebrations and traditions. But one thing it did do for us was that it helped us cling to each other. For the next 5 years, we spend Thanksgiving and Christmas w/o our families, but we befriended some other families in our town that were in the same boat and we made it a tradition to celebrated together. I hope you enjoy the special uninterrupted time that you get to spend with your family this year. AZ Mom of Many Hats.

sweetytots said...

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