Addicted To War Rock

02 November 2008

Last night, I ended halloween joining the boys play War Rock at 168, Makati. It was my first time to play this game. My husband and his co-workers introduced me to it. I was hesitant at first, because it looks a lot like Counter Strike, and I got bored with CS sometime ago already. But for my husband, I gladly tried. The group started playing around 1am, finished around 6 in the morning.

The main goal for one of the games is to have the most kills. A number of kills is set from 100 to 200. The first team who reaches the required number, wins. I chose to be the Medic. Well, first and foremost, the medic is a girl. Second, she has the ability to heal herself and her team mates.

The type of game I play? Assault. I like hunting for the enemy and kill them with a snap. Since a time is set for each game, I take advantage of it by experimenting on some tactics that I could use for future battles. You can't stick to one, the enemy will eventually study your moves.

Now, I am set to create my character, joining the "bu" group of 168.


deeps said...

you seem to enjoy games .. nice!

happy halloween to you

nightfireivey said...

Warrock was addicting too when I played back when the beta came out in 2006. Great game, no doubt. Enjoy your rampage!