My Childhood Sweet Delights

10 November 2008

I was out half of the day doing some grocery shopping. Part of it, was getting some sweets for my little boy. My buy today was kinda half for Franky & half for Momma kind of thing.  I was also looking for something to nibble while I do my blogs in the evening. As I was breezing through the shelf of goodies, I saw some familiar ones that I used to buy in the sari-sari store as a kid. I got really excited. The Ice candy costs 2 bucks each before. Orange Swits? It's everywhere! The bus vendors in Edsa has it too. These sweets remind me of my childhood days in Sta. Mesa Manila...
The size we're used to, is just too small for our big tummy.
My grandmother would always give me and my brother change to buy the candies we want. Orange Swits has always been our favorite. Up to now, my husband & I would still buy it. We love munching it while taking a stroll.

And who will turn down an  Egg Pie.

I prefer buying Egg Pies from the local bakery. There's just something to it that attaches me from being such an old-school person. Every morning, whoever's going to buy pandesal, a fresh egg pie would always come with it. Kung sino man ang dadaan sa bakery, kahit hindi talaga bibili nagbibilin ako palagi ng egg pie. Anybody who'll pass by the bakery, " I would say "buy me an egg pie". Love it! It's already 20 bucks a piece. They sell a box in Goldilocks. But I like it straight from the oven of a bakery nearby. Wrapped in a brown paper bag. I shared an egg pie moment last Saturday with my husband. While eating, we talked purely about our nothingness. It was all bonding, relaxation and music.

He played me some tunes while eating...Thanks Egg Pie for a wonderful, sweet- loving night.

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