On My Successful 1st Month on Blogger---edited

18 November 2008

I have to say that I am very proud of myself. I was able to keep this site for a month. This was my third attempt. I am very thankful that I was very successful. Not only that, I was able to meet some people of same interests and became knowledgeable of the important things that I am not yet familiar or even aware of when it comes to blogging. It is now a part of my life.

A part? because I know at a certain point in this lifetime, I was able to share my story and was able to inspire somebody else. Who? I don't know... maybe it's you. I thank my other half who gave me this laptop. He is very supportive with the things that I am very passionate about.
Thank God for Family and for the chance given to me to become a mom and to have my own home to nurture.

I guess being true to everybody made Sweet Nothings go all the way with flying colors. Everytime I visit a site, I leave a message, sincere messages I want the person to know that I dropped by and that I enjoyed reading his/her stories. The messages you leave in mine, are very much appreciated. Through that, I was able to discover your lovely sites too. For a time, I thought that I will never meet the standards or create a readership for both One Woman's Tale and Sweet Nothings.
All I needed to do was to wait, be real and not be such a try hard.
Like a break in the clouds and the first ray of sun
I can feel it inside something new has begun
This life this love what sweetness
I feel so mysterious yet so incredible real
It's an uncharted sea it's an unopend door
But you got to reach out and you gotta explore
Even though you're not sure, till the moment arrives.
-First Time-
I now give my BIG THANKS to you...
Keep your stories comin'!
Big Hugs!


Umma said...

Congrats to your new found interest my dear. Me too I found blogging as a relief to release my stress and boredom since I became a SAHM.

Stay cool Mom, btw you have a beautiful and loving family.

Liza said...

i can't believe i'd get hooked too.


Mommy's Little Corner
Moms... check nyo.

Kate said...

Glad you're enjoying it, Ench. Keep it up! :-)

sweetytots said...

hugs back Enchie! Me too Im a newbie, My sweetytots blog is really new..goodluck to all of us.. who are trying to create a niche in the blogosphere.. hope we earn a lot of moolah

Jes said...

hi enchie thanks sa mga tags, na touch naman ako hehehe parang yung mga sinabi mo sa blog na to, nsa loob ko din although wala pa akong isang taon sa pag ba blog natutuwa na dn ako at kahit papanu me nagtyatyaga sa blog ko hehehe =) all i want is to express my feelings ang thoughts though i'm not that good at it esp in kapag english ehhehe =) salamat sa mga katulad kong MOM. =) have a great day! Your family is awesome!

Enchie said...

Thanks Guys! Cheers To uS!