HighSchool Musical I'll Miss...

10 November 2008

The girls (yours truly & Ella) had a night of HSM last Saturday. The boys (father & son) had their own too.
Finally I was able to watch it! I went all the way to Robinsons Galleria late that evening just to be able to see this flick... I'm now a fulfilled person. I followed these kids from the very beginning. I enjoyed the first, fell in love with the second, and almost cried with the third.

The movie went well. Now or Never, A Night To Remember and Dance With Me are my favorites.
It's nice that they made the expected finale the beginning. The dance moves? Woooooohhhhhh...The best of all HSM. By the way, Zac Efron is a perfect future superman. Keywords-Tree house. The roof top scene was lovely and sweet.

I love Gabriella's dresses, sexy but nice. Sharpay, still cute. You just can't get mad at her. Chad, happy to see him do basketball and theater together. I particularly like the fact they brought the basketball dance on stage with Chad as lead.

This HSM was the ultimate musical. Every scene had either a song or dance number. I got teary eyed as the camera focused on each character. The kids are growing, they can't do HSM forever.
As what the director said Kenny Ortega: The feeling is like a parent seeing his children go to college. Go to conquer Hollywood.
*I read online that Ashley Tisdale is going to do HSM on Disney Channel. They also introduced some characters for the new HSM series. Matt Prokop, Justin Martin, Jemma McKenzie-Brown

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