Becoming an Inspiration

21 November 2008

Yesterday, was a pretty bad day for me. I was down with colds and at the same time, I needed to purchase some supplies for our house and tried to keep my son busy with some stuff so he won't get that close to me (I don't want him to catch my colds). Getting sick gave me a lot of advantages in a sense that I didn't do any house work for the day, I surfed and surfed the net, which eventually, gave me the strength to visit my blogger friends.
One thing officially made my day, was a YM chat with my classmate from Montessori. She's one of the nicest people who welcomed me when I transferred from Assumption. I won't mention her name...
Our chat started with a question, if I worked before I became a housewife.
 My answer: I was literally a full-time housewife. I didn't enter any work of any kind.
All she said was...your blogs inspire me... In a way, you changed my perspective in life.
I'll be honest, I told myself that I will not blog about it. But her story inspired me more, that's why I am here sharing it to you. Girl, you are one of the few who touched my heart. Now I know why I'm blogging.

 The soul purpose of my online journal is to be able to release the sweets and spices my life is made of. I am not a writer. I am just your typical girl next door. I don't ask so much in life. And I love discovering things, helping people, and now inspiring them.
Nowadays, being a housewife has become a privilege. A position that requires so much! (emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual) and you don't get paid for all the work you do everyday, 24/7.

Now, how can a person survive this kind of situation? It's the reason/s why you are at home. The chores doesn't really matter. It's all 4 aspects, (emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual).

These are the things you will not only give yourself, but to your family too. To provide some love and care, support to your husband, keeping an over-all healthy relationship with your famiy and developing your child/ children into a God- fearing and loving person.. My statements are all based on my experience for 4 years and inspirations from my mom, full time, for 33 years.
Finding the right partner in life is a big factor too. I wanted to work. But I saw the deeper meaning of looking after my family full- time, and my other half couldn't agree more.
My stories comes naturally. I am also the same in person. Me online, are for the people I couldn't reach physically.

My blogging life started June 2007. Due to some turn of events, I removed my first site, created a new blog on Multiply "One Woman's Tale", and now, another one from Blogger "Sweet Nothings". I couldn't go for a more serious title because my family has a very pleasant personality. My husband alone can make the funniest jokes and pranks with a snap. One Woman's Tale is filled with my personal stuff. That's where my friend got inspired... There are stories in between that my readers outside my friend circle doesn't know. I hope you'll understand.
Here in Sweet Nothings, I share the other part of me. The Nothingness, that makes my own and my family's day extraordinary. It's nice to share to everyone the small things that can spice up life that not all can appreciate and see. I hope this site will also inspire people to look at the smallest things and moments as blessings to a happier disposition.


Chris said...

go girl! the life that you are living being a wife and a stay at home mom is where God wants you to be!

im glad that God has allowed our paths to cross, even through blogging. hope to know you even better in the next days....

do you have YM or facebook? :) id like to have it if its okay...

Enchie said...

hi Chris! Thank you for the wonderful comment my YM Id is francis0603

sweetytots said...

BIg hug to you too! Sometime we forget what are the reasons why we started blogging, and this really reminded me of it. My blog is not full of paid post, that doesnt necessarily realte to me, sometimes friend who read my blogs get lost in all the "fake" post> This inspires me to write more of the personal stuff, to get back to the real fun of blogging.

I have a very intersting blog for you here