Halloween 2008

02 November 2008

It was a one hectic Halloween night and day for us because of our busy week, we didn't had the time to look for costumes.

My husband dropped me off in Glorietta after lunch. In a way, it was my "ME" moment. I asked my sister to babysit. I went window shopping, bought some hair accessories and a shirt. Anyway, my window shopping ate up my time looking for our costumes. I rushed and found an almost empty Halloween rack. In other words, there was little to choose from.
I ended up buying at the kid's section just to get a witch's hat. Lucky for my husband, there was a Phantom mask available to match his black cape.
After shopping, I needed to go to The Enterprise building (where my husband was) to change. The Taxi Bay line was oh-so long. So, I called my husband if he could pick me up. To my surprise, the walk way from Greenbelt extends up to the Enterprise Building. With all the walking and rushing. I was completely famished. We had some hotdogs at the Food Park, and went up to his office.

It was my first time to visit my husband's new work place. The environment was friendly, his office was very private. I met some of his friends, and his boss was delighted to see me. Everyone was preparing for the Shake, Rattle and Run night.

With Cow & Chicken after the run. They were very generous for some photos. Thank You guys!

After the fun run, we had dinner at Caffe Puccini. Caffe Puccini featured Dinosaurs of actual size in front of their restaurant. We will be going back to take Franky, he is very fond of Dinosaurs.
Pizza Margarita
Pizza Pesto
The Fort was filled up of party people in costumes. The kids were having fun. I see myself in them when I was their age. From The Fort, we went home to check on Franky and to change. Boss invited us at 168 for another round. This time... it's party fun, for War Rock!


Mrs. G said...

The hotdog sandwich photo is making me hungry :)

Ken said...

Sarap ng pizza, especially yung for the Filipino palate.

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