What's Cookin'--- Tanigue Friday

28 November 2008

It's an easy dish for today ladies. All you will be needing is your favorite fish, olive oil, salt and pepper, and herbs of your choice. Part of my mommyism is to serve white meat every friday or as much as possible, most of the time. Last week, I came up with my version of chicken cream.
It's been a busy week for the family. After my birthday, I didn't have the time to do serious blogging at all. And today,I made an easy meal for lunch.

Pan fried Tanigue
Fresh Salad & Rice
Nothing much. But it's healthy and my boys loved it.

Season your fish with olive oil on both sides, a tip -spoon of salt and pepper. Add a pinch of dried rosemary and thyme (my choices) on both sides of the fish. The taste will vary on the amount of herbs. Fresh herbs are always best in every meal.

No oil is needed in the frying pan. Heat up the pan. The olive oil will do the work and the fish will secrete it's own oil. Fry on low fire. Salmon, Tuna, Blue Marlin are perfect.
Have a healthy Friday everyone!
Big Hugs!
And oh, finally, I was able to learn how to make a watermark for my pictures. Happy!


Liza said...

hi enchie! looks yummy din ang entry mo. thanks for sharing the recipe.

nga pala belated happy birthday ha, ans call me liza na lang ;)

happy ff!

Mommy's Little Corner

Chris said...

hello! looks yummy! :) i love this dish... siguro you really cook well. maybe someday i can taste your dishes! heheheh

FickleMinded said...

grabeh! sarap naman nito!