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30 October 2008

I'm in the process of reconstructing my blogger account. It's been busy for about 4 months. In a way,  I wasn't able to put some stories in since. One purpose I got Blogger, is to be able to read and appreciate the stories outside Multiply. You see, Multiply is originally my home. 

You can visit here:
Some people in the scene inspired me to continue with this site again. My thank yous for your lovely stories of Life & Love. You encouraged me to share the sweet nothings that makes up my day as a Mom and Wife. As I went my way,  widget by widget, joining exciting and fun activities, I saw articles with the same goals. 

I wondered, how do these bloggers make it, when at the other side of it, another one is doing it too. Then I realized, it's the stories they tell. It's the one's life experiences and inspirations that make them unique from one another. Parents who want to share their version of excitement when it comes to Family. 
Who are these Inspiring Writers? Check my sidebar: "Stories That Define One's Self"
Continue making us smile and inspiring us with your musings-deep thoughts. 


Scribbling Angel said...

Hello, Ench. It's nice to see you writing too :)

Jen said...

Hi Enchie! Thanks for the visit and the link lovin', that's sweet of you. :D I wouldn't have found another fine site if it weren't for your comment. :D

Btw, the Milk Star goat's milk is available in SM Marikina (that's where I regularly do my grocery shopping). But I heard it is also available in Hypermart. It is probably safe to conclude that Milk Star is available in SM groceries. It is really better to be safe than sorry. You'll never know what the next brand to come up in the next Melamine positive update. They always add up a new brand every time. :D

Have a happy weekend and may God bless you! :-)

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