Just Living My Day How It Should Be

05 April 2010

It's been a long time... Yeah a very long time since my last post. And it is a very unusual thing to happen. I'll be honest with you guys. I just noticed that I pulled-off from blogging lately. Like , I intentionally pulled myself -off from blogging. It brought the life I have before I started blogging. It's nice to take a break. But believe me, I have been wanting to do my regular drops and blog hop, I guess, since we moved to our new place and getting my computer infected with a virus, toned down my presence online. You know, feeling the new place, unpacking, redecorating over and over again. Plus I'm more careful now on visiting websites. I'm still using my old anti-virus (well not really old), but I have another one standing by just in case.
The computer is not really something big to dealt upon. It's our new home. We practically lived in a condo since we got married. Being able to live in a real house, in an exclusive village is really big for us, especially  with our location, it's on top of a hill. The highest point in Quezon City, which made us feel more secure in case it floods again (which we hope will not happen). And being a worker at home, it's total adjustment for me. Learning new tricks and discovering new tips from new policies. In one word or two "I'm adjusting".
For example: TRASH
In our old condo, we bring down our trash anytime of the day. Most of the time, the caretaker gets it straight from our door. Now, the trash guys gets our trash once a week. It's a policy... What do I do? I can't store trash inside the house that long... Bought a super big container and thick garbage bags where we can store our garbage safely. Trash cans are not allowed outside our gate. Which makes the whole village clean. You litter, you pay a certain penalty. Had to do a little sacrifice this time.We need to wake up early on "a weekend" just to take out our trash. Early, because we might miss the garbage truck (again). Big difference, really big compared to when we were still in a condo.

These adjustments are meant to be there. It's not always about being  spoon-fed. We went through that adjustment period, now we know, we're getting used to it and it's fun. So what else have I been doing lately? I'm just enjoying the week of waking up late, having brunch, sometimes playing computer games with my husband if his time is flexible. Just the simple things.
Trying something new in the kitchen, going through my closet making room for new ones, looking for a new digital camera and SLR accessories.
Just living my day one at a time and how it should be this summer.


Jona said...

Hi Enchie! masasanay ka rin:) just like when we first moved to our own house, it's really a big change since we lived with his parents then my parents the first five years of our family life. like I have to do everything on my own. including managing the trash (it's picked up every thursday here in our place), which I haven't done once before. But they say change means growth :D I believe you can do it Ench.

Enchie said...

Hi Jona! thanks for the encouragement. I believe everything you said, change means growth and I like it.

Tetcha said...

You seem to be adjusting quite nicely to your new neighborhood. At least now, Franky can make more friends, unlike in your old place.

Enchie said...

@ Tetcha that's right Mommy tetcha Its a big blessing.