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29 March 2010

Who doesn't know Anton Diaz? Every Filipino blogger should know Anton Diaz. I came across his site mid of 2007. I was actually looking for a restaurant and the link led me to Our Awesome Planet. It is a great source. An awesome site full of family stories and adventures.  Reminds me, his site was one of the reasons why I embraced blogging. Food, family, life in the Philippines... As a Filipino and as a reader, I am very proud of what he has accomplished and  for the difference he made. It made an impact to me from being an ordinary reader, net surfer to now, a blogger. To be honest, it's my  goal to meet him in person. I keep wondering what life is before, and being a very successful  blogger turned pro-blogger  like Anton Diaz. 

I found out about this event through my brother. He posted it on his Facebook profile. On how he knew about this event and his connections? Let's say, he gets invites all the time.

My brother is not a blogger by the way, but since childhood, he's been into creative writing and he's been doing compositions. He sure is a writer by heart...
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Discover the success secrets of
a pro-blogger and Internet marketing maven, Anton Diaz, founder of
Our Awesome Planet. First session starts on April 7!

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