Ella @ 22

28 April 2010

22? That makes me what? 32 lol! You're all grown up! You bloomed into a fine young lady. Let me take this chance to thank you. How you inspired me being your sister. You girls (with Les and Mommy) complete my life. For the past 25 years, my life went around our family. I treasure all the moments we shared and I'm sure that we will enjoy and cherish the next events to come. I am very thankful for the gift of having siblings like You, Les, Nano and Kuya Ver. You guys are my best friends too. We share a lot in common. I am very happy that we didn't have to go through any misunderstanding throughout our lifetime. Let's continue to keep our bond clean and happy as sisters and as best friends.

 My very first shot with my d-SLR November 2008

My sister Ella has been my model since I developed my interest in taking pictures. She's always there for me whenever I want to try something new. And knowing that she took modeling lessons from Abs-Cbn, I didn't have a hard time during my first try using a d-SLR. She knows what to do, she knows her angles. All I did was to shoot, shoot, and shoot.
 December 2008
Why Ella?
1. She is always available (lol!)
2. She's open for anything
3. She's comfortable to work with
4. She is already knowledgeable of my interest or even ahead of me

With Ella, I was able to try all the things I have in mind. Ella knows that I have limited time, she was understanding enough to spare some time of her own so I can grow and develop.
August 2009
I consider you as my partner in this field: Portraiture
You didn't think twice on taking this journey with me and my family.
Thank You...
Hooded Ella
 January 2010
Happy, happy Birthday... Thank you for sharing your blessings with me... Looking forward to more Photo Adventures with you. Let's do Outdoors next time!


Jes said...

Happy birthday to your model ahahahah =))

Tetcha said...

You've got one fine model in your sister Ella, and you got her for free pa! LOL! I dropped by to say thank you for your kind words for Nanay.