Sweet Nothings of Mr. Cruz

19 April 2010

I have been sick for almost a week now. Fever, clogged nose, sore throat, the works! My husband never really left me. A very hectic day at work, he checks on me all the time. One evening , I  sent him a message if he could give me some more of that TLC, but this time with Double Yum from Jollibee .  Double Yum with TLC :D Well, he gave me more. He bought everything, all the stuff I like from Jollibee. Palabok Fiesta, Spaghetti, Burger Steak and of course my Double Yum with TLC. Talk about all the  real TLC in the world.

By the way, Double Yum with TLC is Double Patty with tomatoes, lettuce and cheese.

Anyway, over the weekend, I  felt that I'll get more sick if I just stay indoors the whole time. I've been a home buddy for the past 5 years, all a sick housewife like me needs is to stay away from this hot weather and  breath on something new. And really, the moment I stepped inside the car, I was already feeling  better.

The first thing I requested my husband is a cold drink from Bubble Tea. Being at the mall and having a relaxing conversation did it. I mean, I think that did it, it was enough to put me in  a better mood.
 We also went window shopping.
During our short window shop I made a list of things that I really need to buy soon: And most of them are books. Yes, my interest on reading is growing. That only means that I'm given extra time for myself . Now , that my son is all grown up, independent and responsible.

To continue, we visited 3 malls yesterday.

1. SM Megamall
2. Gateway Mall
3. SM City Cubao

From our small window shopping, we actually went shopping all the way. Well, my husband gave me and Frank a little treat. He bought new clothes for me from M& S, toys and colored pens for frank and the coffee table we wanted.
I gave my husband the freedom to choose the clothes. I love watching him shop for me, all I have to do is wait in the fitting room. There's a touch of adventure. I mean, here you are waiting and you have no idea  what clothes he'll hand you. But knowing my husband as a person with good taste, I didn't fear anything at all. It's fun. Our small shopping adventure was the ultimate cure for me. I enjoyed every moment of it. The set of clothes he bought... perfect. Exactly what I needed and what I wanted. He knows me too well...

 Thanks for the treat baby!


Chris said...

aww.. how sweet! :D im sure you are feeling better now! :D

Clarissa said...

Awww..You're such a lucky woman,Mommy Enchie!!You're pampered by your sweet husband!

Medyo pumayat ka yata,Mommy Enchie--maybe because nagkasakit ka nga..glad to hear that you're feeling better!^_^

Have a nice week ahead!

Bambie dear ★ said...

super sweet naman ni Mr. Cruz.. He really knows what TLC is all about hehe.. I agree with them , you're so lucky. My hubby is also sweet pero i dont think he can choose clothes and hand them for me at the fitting room.. Take care and have a nice week ahead =)

Enchie said...

Hi guys!thanks so much for the wonderful messages. Still sick though... down with colds na lang. thanks again. will visit soon :)

rjs mama said...

very very sweet :) buti hindi ka nabinat sa paglakwatsa :D

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joy said...

hi enchie! i hope you're feeling a lot better now.

your hubby is a very sweet man...

Jac said...

Mr Cruz is so sweet =) I hope you feel better na Enchie. Big hug!!

AC said...

awww!!! ang schweet schweet!!! hehehe... I better get sick nalang kung laging ganyan... wahahaha!!!

eto rin po ate enchie... in my blog roll at my new Happy Home Working