A Beautiful Long Weekend

11 April 2010

I can't wait for Monday to share all these. I can't wait for the weekend to end without sharing anything.

Let me enumerate the things that made my and our weekend wonderful. I was only expecting 1 activity for Sunday. A family reunion from my father's side.  

Friday and Saturday, I thought that it is going to be my usual hot summer day. I was wrong, I got excited, it was a surprise, a blessing, those fun days...

 Friday morning we drove again to Enchanted Kingdom. This time, I wore the lightest clothes that I can find in my closet. I enjoyed the wind, the summer sun, got a sun burn.

Rode the Flying Fiesta which is my favorite ride by the way.  My husband and I enjoyed the swing. Feels like being a kid again.

 It was my first to ride a real Go Kart. We're all out. The day is not going to be complete if we don't try it. Even chose it over Rio Grande, The Space Shuttle and  Anchors Away. Even the skirt I'm wearing didn't stop me.
I was the driver and my sister was my patient passenger.
  My boys rode it too. Everybody found it cute when they saw Franky riding with his Dad.
Some ice cream and cold water made everything more refreshing.


Saturday, my husband and I went to Mag:Net Cafe High Street Fort Bonifacio to check out an event for musicians.

It's the Annual Gear Show for 2010
It's like a date. For the longest time, we finally went out just the two of us. If some husbands have their cars, cameras, computers, sports and other gimmicks, my husband has his music. From a sinlge note, the art of making good music, to gadgets, Ibanez guitars, accessories, Jazz legends, and music icons.
It's the very same support I give him, to what he gives me.

Pusakal on center stage

Sunday, a family came home from New Jersey. It was also the moment when everybody from my dad's side got together. Aunties, Uncles, cousins and our Grandmother.
We all enjoyed buffet at Cabalen Mall of Asia.

We ended the long weekend watching the sunset at the San Miguel Bay Area. It was so relaxing. The very same reason why it was so hot, made our day soothing too :) The sun. 

sweet nothings
Took few pictures, but most of our time was spent watching the sun go down. It was just amazing. Loved every moment of it, especially because I'm with my family.


Laikka said...

looks you guys had really so much fun:) Thanks for sharing! godbless!

♥peachkins♥ said...

Those moments are priceless...

Willa said...

Sounds like you had an uber busy but fun-filled weekend.

Chris said...

wow, really fun fun fun weekend for you! :D

""rare*jonRez"" said...

that was a long and beautiful weekend Enchie! the sunset photo is marvelous! awesome!!!

pinayrichmom said...

wow! family bonding times are always fun! :)

ceemee said...

Looked enjoyable! Glad you had a wonderful long weekend.

Tetcha said...

What a lovely weekend you and your family had! I'm sure you're renewed. You need it, Mommy!

Enchie said...

Hello everyone! thank you for your warm messages. I hope you have a wonderful week!

joy said...

same here enchie, i made the most out of the long weekend break. i was with my brother at the ocean park and national museum last friday, then saturday was with my father doing household chores and on sunday i was at the mall watching a movie with my boyfriend. weekends are the best if its spend with loved ones.