It's Not A Planner. It's A Journal.

27 April 2010

One thing I totally forgot to get myself  for the new year is a 2010 planner. There were lots to choose from back then. So I thought, a planner can wait.
Lesson learned- get a new one even before the year ends. My computer table was piling up with post -its just taking note of things I need to attend to, plans, important dates and events and stuff for my husband and Franky.
As I was browsing through some shelves in Fully Booked Promenade yesterday, I came across a bunch of cute journals. Actually, it's for kids. But I couldn't resist the cuteness and touching messages inside the journal itself. The label alone is already something to ponder upon. The things I love about this journal are the drawings. It's a girl wearing an apron loving every moment she has. Tea with the love of her life, mixing happiness and love in the big pitcher of life. I kinda connect myself.
All the time you worry about lots of things to assort. We are happy to show a new life for you.

The purpose of life is to live it to taste experience to the utmost.
Life is a beautiful journey.


Chris said...

it looks great nga!

i have a tag for you Enchie

♥peachkins♥ said...

cute! I love reading your posts,Enchie..

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