Mom It's A Foot!

06 April 2010

Remember this cloud formation I posted almost a year ago? Coming home from Franky's summer school graduation, while waiting in traffic, my son pointed to the sky and shouted "it's a heart mama!" From then on, his interest on cloud formations grew bigger. He is always fascinated by the sky.
sweet nothings
My son's imagination is one of the things that keeps me going as a parent. Cloud formations are one of the small things that I didn't realize when I was a kid. I'm appreciating it now through Franky.
This afternoon, I went out with Franky. While he was biking, he shouted in excitement "mom, it's a foot!" and pointed at a cloud formation just above us. Good thing my camera was out I immediately took a picture.
It's not as clear as the heart, but even an adult will see and imagine that it does look like a foot. A giant foot.

So what made your Monday extraordinary?


Chris said...

kids have the eye for these no? :) they are blessed with artistic eyes and they appreciate the simple treasures that life brings!

that is why we need to learn their ways, di ba? :D

Bambie dear ★ said...

wow that heart shape cloud was a real perfect sighting. Havent seen a cloud formation like that.. Actually lately lang din ako nakaka-appreciate ng nature because of my lil girl. ALmost all the things I never paid attention before, ngayon ko lang na-aappreciate dahil sa pagkainterest ni azumi..

*MrsMartinez* said...

I love the first picture- heart!
You are lucky to have captured it.
Your son is very creative!

♥Willa♥ said...

Galing naman ni Franky, very attentive sa clouds formation. :)

joy said...

franky has a very observant eyes...nakakatuwa.

Jac said...

Kids are smart and yung imagination nila grabe amazing. I remember yung heart shape cloud wonderful talaga bihira lang mag form ng ganyan ka ganda ang clouds =)

shydub said...

Yeah it does look a foot. thanks for sharing enchie

Veronica Lee said...

I enjoyed your post very much.

Interestingly, I posted something about cloud gazing in my blog too.

Enchie said...

hello everyone! I really appreciate the visit :) its a long weekend, and our activities goes all the way too. Will get right back as soon as possible. hugs!