Photography Where Do I Stand After 2 Years

27 April 2010

1. Learning  never stops

Some people asked if I will be upgrading to another camera. Yes, I will be upgrading but not yet. One reason why I want to enroll for Photography lessons is because I want to become knowledgeable of the things that works around in this field.

I want to go through the process. Study, Learn, Experience and get Certified. From there, it's going to be managed well. They say it's the eye and the imagination working. True. I strongly believe in that. Because for the past 2 years I have been using the cheapest gadgets you'll find in the market today, and I'm proud to say that my work has been getting credits. They may not be great, but seeing the fruits of my imagination in a picture  is something. Using a basic kit will put you to the test. 
  • Maximize the user manual, the cds that came with the kit. 
  • Everything is going to be useful and always take your time. 
  • Don't pressure yourself with what's hot and what's not. 
  • Join forums, buy readings (magazines, books), subscribe to Photography lessons online,
  • Don't be shy to ask fellow enthusiast
  • Learn from criticisms
  • Look beyond the usual and
  • Practice, practice, practice.

2. Photography is not yet a passion for me. I define passion as something that our hearts truly desire. Something that  we wouldn't miss in a day not talking about it or even not thinking about it. Passion is something that makes us feel complete. 
Dictionary meaning: Boundless enthusiasm

As for me, I stop when I don't feel like it. I know it contradicts the whole fact that I want to take lessons. (which will lead you to point #3 if you'll read further) I'm still  in the process of making discoveries. Photography is not going anywhere. And as time goes by, even a non- professional knows that new tips and tricks will just add and add and add, it will never die out.

I discovered my interest for taking pictures 5 years ago when I already have my own family. The idea : is loving to capture moments and milestones.

Just last Sunday, my Dad gave me a new backdrop for my portraits. Actually with that sweet gesture, it made me realize that I've  pulled-off from taking pictures for a very long time.  That's why I'm blogging about it right now, it made me think again.

3. Only time can tell

I used to have the luxury of time. Now, I still have the time but very limited. I'm kinda stuck in the middle right now. I thought that I will be able to achieve a goal this summer. Too bad, I wasn't able to... I was looking forward to summer because I was hoping to enroll in Basic to Advance Photography.

With one event, everything changed. After Typhoon Ondoy's wrath, my husband and I immediately grabbed the opportunity to transfer to a safer location. That sudden move made a deep impact to our line of priorities and goals.

The turn of events from moving out to moving in, adjusting my son's travel to and from school, following up refund of deposits made, and to add the heat summer has brought us, at the end of the day, all I want to do is to go straight to our room and rest with the Ac on full blast.With these activities, I was even caught unaware that in a few weeks, it's time to enroll Franky for school again. Where do I stand now? when is the best time to study Photography? As a mother, I always give way for my family's sake. You know what, time will tell. As of now, all I wanna do is concentrate on my family first. I want to open myself to whatever life has in store for me. "In Life's own time, not mine"  Besides, even if I'm old I can still take pictures. I just want to take it step by step and make sure that I will not miss a thing  with Motherhood, which is very important It works best for me this way.

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♥peachkins♥ said...

Very well said, Enchie. Hay..ako kaya?? I used to wanna take food photography lessons but when I found out what they do to food to make it look really good, ayoko na. Kasi di na edible. I want to take pictures of food I cook for me and my family.Food that not only look good but tastes good as well...

Chris said...

i understand what you mean Enchie!

Enchie said...

@ Peachy that's very true. I noticed that when it comes to food, dapat unang tingin pa lang masarap na lalo na pag natikman. I love your food pictures and adventures. I'm your #1 fan talaga.

Enchie said...

@ Chris thank you...

SASSY MOM said...

I know how you feel.. sometimes even if you plan ahead of time, things happen and you can't do anything but to adjust. Well, that's life.

And truly, this scorching summer heat is paralyzing. I just want to stay at home.

Enchie said...

@ Mommy Salen Me too, just wanna stay at home na lang with this heat.And thank you for visiting again :)