Everytime I Get Sick, My World Stops

21 April 2010

Finally, I was able to catch up on some chores today. Getting sick isn't fun, I miss my chores. I mean, I'd rather do my chores everyday, drown with laundry to wash, have a full sink with dishes, multitasking galore...... but getting sick, no way!

With my colds and sore throat, I can't even taste the food I  prepared or enjoy my favorite drink at home. It's my first time to get sick for 1 week. This heat is just terrible. Not to forget, my body was aching so bad. Sorry for the rant but I really missed a lot on some things. I can't give my son a super duper hug and a kiss thinking he might catch my flu,  my head was too heavy to stay online and I miss doing errands.

It feels good to know I'm better again, though my head is still heavy. With my colds gone, that's fine with me, I'm happy. It's the most uncomfortable, especially at night. 

Hot or cold, it's the same, we all get sick. Be extra healthy guys. 

Let me just post this shout out: 
THANK YOU I'm able to kiss Franky again,  THANK YOU for giving me a  loving husband,  THANK YOU for giving me a sister who's always ready to help, THANK YOU I'm able to enjoy my food again, THANK YOU for bringing my chores back (hehehe!), THANK YOU for giving me strength to live my life according to how I want it to be.


♥Willa♥ said...

Nice to know you're feeling better already.

♥peachkins♥ said...

It's nice to know that you are well.Take Care.

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Jac said...

I'm happy that you feel better na. Super init nga daw dyan sa Philippines. Take care and God bless=)

Chris said...

great to know you are better! :) stay blessed!

{ Jhari } said...

I missed you Mommy Chie. Gather all the strength mommy. Mwah!