Great Finds: Summer!

13 April 2010

I rarely share stuff on my latest finds on my blogs. But sharing on the personal side adds color to my site. Well, at least once in awhile, but not too much of it though.

This post has something different in it.

1. I found a pair of native slippers at KULTURA Mall of Asia for only php99. It is made out of "banig" I don't actually know if I'm describing it right. The slippers are very comfortable, the fit was perfect, considering that I didn't have the chance to try before I bought it. It's a great  pair in substitute for my Havaianas this summer.
2. It's very seldom I fall in love with the color purple. But I gotta make an exception. The size and the design of this Kenneth Cole bag are enough to convince a person to buy it. When I first saw it all I blurted out was: "gusto ko niyan!" ( i like it!)... 

The color is nice for summer.Perfect for roads trips, as a carry- on, mommy bag, school bag for the kids and even as a shopping bag. Just take it anywhere you go. All we need  now to complete the set is to go and take that dream vacation of ours ;)
3. I also bought a new pair of sunglasses. I always make it a point to have at least 2 pairs. When our car went under water  during Typhoon Ondoy, it ruined both my old sunglasses in the car compartment. Good thing my sister-in-law sent me a new pair. It's a very nice set actually.  To preserve it, I finally bought a second pair so the other one can rest. Now I have choices again. The price and the brand? Let's just put it this way, when it comes to protection, I spend.

Summer is one season when I consider to do some major shopping. Change of clothes to lighter ones, more colors to add, big bags, and nice slippers. All these (shopping) on different occasions and as needed only, and most probably stuff that I can still use all year long.


♥Willa♥ said...

they say that purple is the color of the year, ok din yung banig slippers,kaso huwag lang mabasa,baka mapigtas agad.

♥peachkins♥ said...

I also have a pair of that kultura sandals!

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Enchie said...

@ Willa true yan wag lang mabasa ang banig slippers. Pang summer lang talaga :D

@ Peachy feeling ko balikbayan din ako pag nasa KULTURA, they have nice shirts, home decor and accessories too.

Chris said...

that is a great pair! :D