Love and Quality Time

29 March 2010

Spending Quality Time for me is bonding time for the whole family. Me and my husband, with my husband, our son, with my parents, my brothers and sisters, with my in-laws, relatives... friends... It's making the most out of the given time being with eachother's company. I just noticed that I never really shared anything on how I spend quality time with the people I love. My life's full of it. 
Quality Time is all about sharing moments. Unforgettable moments. Memories we always look back to and makes us smile. It is actually living each day to the fullest. Not a second wasted. 

A simple conversation makes quality time, all we need to do is to listen... A kid showing -off his artwork  to you is quality time, acknowledge and praise for a job well done. A joyful hello from your neighbor is quality time, wave back to make their day. A smiling face sent online is quality time, call or send a message back...

On how I spend quality time?

I often enjoy cuddling with my 2 boys in bed. We tickle each other, I love the warm feeling it brings. The laughter makes the whole scenario worth remembering.  Quality Time with my other half is very simple. Warm massages, watching tv or a movie together, having tea together, helping out each other, being the king and queen of the kitchen, we often ask questions if want to know something (honesty), doing pranks on each other is fun too. My husband and I also likes straying off from the usual... Sometimes, I drive for him and he cooks for me. HOME is where I share the most of  it.

Before, I always thought that spending quality time is actually shutting oneself from the rest of the world. 

Marriage and family woke me up from old realizations and introduced me to better ones. Just a moment ago, I was cuddling with my husband, we were just seated in our small couch whispering sweet nothings, sweet whatevers. It's the moment when I felt again that I am so blessed to have married a good man and it made me love him more...


Chris said...

wonderful post enchie!

Jac said...

Agree! Love the quality time :) Nice post Enchie!!

Enchie said...

@ Chris and Jac I'm thankful you like my post :)