Revisiting Enchanted Kingdom

10 March 2010

Our trip to Enchanted Kingdom last March 6, 2010 was not actually planned. My husband sent me a message 2 nights before the moment he found out that he was needed to be there. Work related in terms of looking after the employees. Family, because he took me and frank with him to spend quality time on a weekend.

Over-all, it was all about having fun. My last visit to Enchanted Kingdom was years ago, I can't even remember when. There were a lot of changes made since my last visit. The whole park is clean, not too crowded even if there's a lot of people, clean bathrooms, food is very affordable now compared before, they added more exciting booths, rides and gimmicks .

It was Franky's first time. We saw the excitement on his face as we entered the gates of Enchanted Kingdom.
The Wheel Of Fate has always been my favorite. It's a ride that's thrilling and fun because of the height and it swings when it's windy. Relaxing, because it goes around on a very limited speed.
The view from up is breath-taking. This is also our son's favorite. We rode it 4 times.An almost empty Enchanted Kingdom for a SaturdayAfter having lunch at Amazon grillAt Boulderville
We missed a lot of rides. Such as: Space Shuttle, Kart Trak, Rio Grande Rapids, Xtreme Paintball. Nobody else was with us to look after Franky and even to take our family picture. Instead, we looked for a spot where our camera is going to be safe without anybody running away with it. It just so happen that we didn't fix the stand well. All of our pictures are "tabingi" (slanted). But it's okay. At least we have a good reason to go back. This time, with a baby-sitter and a water-proof casing for my camera. (wink!) Love them!
Our Souvenirs: Kiddie Tumblers (mine in pink, dolf's in blue and franky's in white)
At Enchanted Kingdom, The Magic Stays With You!


Chris said...

when we went there last December.. my kids had a great time... even if we only rode on kiddie rides!

by the way, next time you are passing by here.. let me know :D ill be glad to meet with you..

Willa said...

Swerte nyo konti lang ang tao,I've been there thrice pero never ako nakasakay sa Grand Carousel,laging mahaba ang pila.
I bet Franky had loads of fun!

pinayrichmom said...

wow, himala konti tao for a Saturday, ha! Swerte! :) We have the same dilemma... would love to take our daughter to EK, but we don't want to leave her just with the yaya while hubby and I ride the "adult" rides. Hay...we still have to set a date with the grannies so they could come and so we could all take turns enjoying the rides, too! hehe :). Of course, the little girl would be so thrilled, I can just imagine, even if she'd ride only the carousel (unlimited number of times), she'll be ecstatic! =)

joy said...

love to visit the enchanted kingdom again and ride the wild river and the carousel. when we were there we're not able to ride as much rides as we wanted because of the long lines at the park.

Bambie dear ★ said...

I could imagine Frankie's excitement.. syempre diba, i think EK ang pinaka magandang amusement park sa tin.. the first and last time ive been there was 2002 yata, crowded nga nung time na yun. NIce family photo =)

Clarissa said...

Swerte nyo naman to go there on a weekend tapos halos walang tao!Walang hassles sa mahabang pila ng tao lalo na on the rides!