16 March 2010

Just months ago, I told my husband that this is one game I don't want to play. Well, it looks complicated compared to the other Warcraft games. Aside from that, it might eat up most of my time getting the most of what we paid for. But then again, W0W brought a new level when it comes to online gaming. Since I finished all campaigns from Warcraft III to Frozen Throne, my husband expected that I will get the hang of W0W too. If I will not try, I will never know right?

Over the weekend, we made a deal. I'll try playing W0W and see if I'll like it, but he needs to treat me to the new Pizzeria near our place :)

And so it began. I was given a 10 day trial version, in 2 hours I leveled up to 6. I chose to be part of the Horde. A lady Tauren- HUNTER.
The following day, after getting my approval to play W0W, my husband bought me the real game online. For every player, one must have an original copy and have it registered online.

Yes, I enjoyed playing W0W. My husband was right all along, he knows me too well :)


♥peachkins♥ said...

Ilalaban kita pustahan dito sa mga players ko sa shop....hehehe..Biro lang Enchie.Dati naglalro din ako pero RF Online.

Enchie said...

@ Peachy yan nga ata goal ng husband ko lol! Love ko na ang W0W!

Me said...

hehehe you and my boy perhaps meet in the game....he is lever 80 right now

Enchie said...

@ Me wow naman! that's the max level. I'm sure baka dinadaanan lang niya ako lol! Just started last saturday and I went back to 0 had to start again with my new account.

Clarissa said...

I bet that's another addicting game!!\(^0^)/