Me and My New Red

01 March 2010

Remember my favorite shoes: My Red Adidas
Well last month we went on our separate ways... Because of that Red Adidas, I learned to love wearing Red shoes. But not just any red shoes. I'm very particular with the kind of Red I wear. From shirts, bags and shoes. I don't like the "eye- catching red", I want the cool deep red or close to that.

Before Red said goodbye, I was still able to use it during my son's mini-olympics in school. I danced, exercised, cheered and did a lot of walking and running.

I guess, that pushed my shoes to the limit. Aside from using it for almost 4 years. Not to mention the activities throughout those years were pretty heavy too. Talk about durability for a walking- running shoes.
You know what, it took me months to finally find the right Red Shoes to replace my Adidas. I just gotta have another Red to replace it. I went back to several Adidas Shop hoping to find something Red and Black. But all they have are Pink and Black, or whites. If there's going to be a Red and Black, that's going to be their most expensive pair on the rack at almost Php8000. But damn, even if I can afford it, I'm not going to spend so much on a footwear.

So where did I go? NIKE!
Aside from the Air Max 2009 I wanted, I was able to find this cool Red pair of walking shoes. This time I had to separate my walking shoes from the running shoes. The real rubber shoes can go with any color now, I have my new Ruby Shoes. Took 2 to replace my only favorite. Love it! love it! love it! A worthy replacement!


""rare*jonRez"" said...

oh la la! i luv that new red walking shoes of yours! i love what that one u'v said goodbye to as well! lol

btw, i'm adding this link of yours to my blog Enchie because it got a new URL now. i hope u can edit or add me here. thanks!

Recel at

♥peachkins♥ said...

Ganda naman...Hay, nainggit ako..balak ko din kasi bumili ng ribber shoes pero hindi Red huh...yng shape ups..Baka magka-shape ako..hahaha

Enchie said...

@ Recel! Thanks! I will update my links

@ Peachy Mismo muntik na akong bumili ng Shape Ups from Sketchers.

lui said...

whoa! that is nice! I love red shoes and you got me thinking that's the next one I want.

=) Love your blog. Got here via Entrecard. Will visit again..

Pinaywife Atbp.

Enchie said...

@ Lui thanks to Entrecard :) and thank you for visiting. Hope you'll be able to find a nice pair of Red Shoes.

onlinemommy said...

Love your new walking shoes mommy! Looks very comfy.