Great Finds: Magic Touch Lights

02 March 2010

When electricity is out, darkness sets in especially at night. And it's the last thing we all need in this world right? Last night at around 5:30pm, the whole of Quezon City stopped as power supply was cut -off without giving any notice. Right now, the Philippines is somewhat undergoing some crisis in terms of power and water supply NOTE: at some parts of the country.

I wasn't really expecting a brownout anytime. Usually, the people concern would give an early notice if they'll cut power supply and up to what time. Had to coordinate with my parents through cellphone regarding this matter. What were the reasons and how long will there be no power.
Learning our lesson from Typhoon Ondoy that left us with no electricity for almost a week, we made sure to equip our family with tools that will safely provide light and that will add a little breeze in case we run out of power.

Once again, these Magic Touch Lights from Edmarks came in handy. Started using these the day after Ondoy left, preparing for the next Super Typhoon (Sept 2009).
sweet nothings
The small black light come in pack of 3s for a very good price of Php300

You can double-tape it on your ceiling, on your wall or just simply place it on your side table. One black light can make a room light up but dimmer than your usual fluorescent. Just push the center to turn it on and off. 3 AAA batteries as source of power. Of course, function will vary on type of batteries used.

If I'm not mistaken, the round White Light costs around Php350 each. But it's the brightest. We have one hanging on our bedroom wall and another in the living room. It can literally light up like there's a real light bulb on. Like the black light, there's a push button to turn it on and off. 2 D2 batteries as source of power.

If you want total safety and a relaxed mind away thinking about possible accidents a mere candle can bring, I think these gadgets are for you.
You're safe and comfortable.
A mini-fan that is pretty breeze-full (if there's such term) at Php 300+. Obviously, when lights are out, the little boy messes with whatever is functioning at the moment. Please excuse the pen writings on the fan :D

You can purchase all these from any Ace Hardware Store.

Love Ace Hardware! daming abubot pang-bahay :)


Willa said...

ha ha ha,if you didn't mentioned about the writing, al along I thought it's a part of that fan's design, lol!

♥peachkins♥ said...

Hmmnn.. makabili nga nyang lights na yan..

Chris said...

it is sad that brownouts are happening again at our country and its really hot this time...

we would probably need to buy a fan like that soon...

onlinemommy said...

These are nice to have mommy in preparation of the brown-outs.

I am scouting for battery operated nebulizer for my daughter because last Saturday, from 8am to 5pm, we also had power outage. Thanks to meralco for not letting us know ahead of time.

i_wander said...

that's cute! brownouts are annoying! especially these past humid days. ugh!

i'll probably get one of those for my room. i lurrrve ACE too! minsan kahit pako lang ang bibilhin ko ang tagal-tagal ko pa sa loob kasi nga ang daming makiita sa kanila! :)

new follower here! :) hope you can drop by mine some time... giveaway ongoing! thanks!