Life In 2 Weeks

23 July 2013

This entry will sum up my activities for the past 2 weeks. I have been terribly sick that's why I wasn't able to post anything. The past weeks were filled with both good and bad, but mostly good news. But hey, life's what you make it right? The #1 reason why I got sick was because of the change of weather. There were times when the sun was up, when it's just plain cloudy and humid, plus the sudden rain fall mostly late in the afternoon. One day, I had to give the umbrella to my son while I secure the car's locks. In other words, I got drenched. 3 days after, I was sneezing and coughing.

In my week of being sick...

My husband took over on bringing and fetching our son to and from school even with his tight schedule at work.

Thank God, none of my kids got sick.
I was still able to cook something delightful on a rainy day, BULALO.
Had our clothes washed at a nearby laundry shop.
It wasn't that bad at first, until I lost my voice for 3 days.

I rested for 4 days. Come weekend, when I was a bit well, my husband took me on a movie date. Remember in my last entry, I was suppose to go on a date with my husband. We were set to watch in Resorts World. But due to my sickly condition, I requested if we could see the movie in a nearby  mall instead.
Movie treat: World War Z!!! For some reason, our quick movie date helped. After the movie, I was already feeling better. In our list, World War Z is one of the much awaited movies for 2013. I like how they summed up the whole book in this movie. Even if they missed on some parts, I still like it!

So after watching a nice movie, the following week, I was able to catch on some episodes of  Modern Family. This series is love for me. It makes a gloomy day bright.  So love it, and I missed so much  since our transfer to our new location last year.

School, work, school, work in between.

When weekend of the following week came and I've fully recovered, our family was out again for another spectacular film, Pacific Rim. My boys went ahead to watch Pacific Rim on IMAX, Sm Aura. I was with my mom and sister then, we were in Sm Megamall.

The following day, my husband took the whole family out for a movie and watched Pacific Rim (his second time).

Shocked and saddened by Cory Monteith's passing.

Aside from our movie trip, we also went around the newly opened Sm Aura. We waited for the rush of people to ease out a bit since it's grand opening.  

Amazing find: Palladium shop.
Then, we ate at YABU's newly opened branch in Sm Aura.
 The kids and the young at heart had a good time in Timezone some Sunday.
Made discoveries and thru those findings, I was able to put up some goals like visiting Aura again when all shops are open, I'd get myself a new pair of Palladium shoes, my last one was still in highschool. Over-all, even if I got sick, I'm always blessed with so much fun activities with my family.

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