Father's Day Celebration at the 2013 Toy Convention

02 July 2013

Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall
June, 16, 2013

Like any other Father's Day Celebration, we had an advance feast with my dad eve of Father's Day. This has always been a practice so that my brother and my husband can spend Father's Day with their respective families on the day itself.

Last year's celebration was spent in the 2012 Toy Convention also in SM Megamall. This year, when I found out that it is going to be held at the very same venue and with Father's Day being the last day of the exhibit, my husband decided to take us to the 2013 Toy Convention.
The Toy Convention was the perfect place to spend Father's Day. Knowing my husband who is such a geek, feels like he went to the wonderland for hobbyists, toy collectors, movie and anime fanatics. My husband was in search for a hard- to -find toy. Speed Racer cars.

It was a good place to look for toys to add to our son's car collection. Our son got very excited when he found out about ToyCon.
Some of our friends have booths in this event, we paid them a visit during ToyCon as well. As for me, for this year's event, I looked for small merchandise from the anime series called Sword Art Online. Most of the stuff being sold were costumes.
Lucky, somewhere in the middle of the Megatrade Hall I found Keybie Cafe. I was able to take home a key chain of Kirito and Asuna (Sword Art Online). And of course, a few from the Coca Cola Collection being sold.
The Toy Convention is also the event for Cosplaying.
Since my husband and I are into costumes too, we got a lot of ideas from the Cosplayers. Especially on where to buy some accessories, cheap and creative ways to come up with a gear. Our son on the other hand, was amused by the Cosplayers since he watched some characters on television. Like Dragon Ball Z and Ralph from the movie Wreck It Ralph.
Before wrapping up our ToyCon experience for 2013, we were graced by the presence of the Cosplay Queen: Alodia Gosiengfiao.

The Toy Convention was a good choice to celebrate Father's Day. The event made the whole celebration special for dads who spent their time with their kids. My boys were able to bond in an extraordinary way as they search for their collectibles in the ocean of toys and by sharing thoughts with their other interests.

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Micah Valero said...

Super glad you liked our Sword Art Online keybie accessory! :D