Throwback Thursday: With My Lolo

18 July 2013

My tbt entry for this week is in memory of my late grandfather, Lolo Abdon. Lolo Abdon, is the dad of my mom. Half of my childhood was spent under the roof of my grandparents (mother's side) in Manila. I was the second among the grandchildren. My lolo would always take me out together with my Ate Che and my younger brother.

When my mom is doing something, she would ask my lolo to look after me and my brother. Then, my lolo would walk us to a nearby church, and there, he'd buy us some sweet nuts and candies. After, he'll buy bread and hand it to the person sleeping near the church entrance.
I was very close to my Lolo Abdon. Most of the time, he'd drive me and my brother to school. He makes funny sounds to make us laugh. Sometimes, he'll just carry us place me or my brother on his lap and tell us stories. By the way, my parents met thru my Lolo Abdon.  My dad was my lolo's salesman. One day, my lolo decided to have lunch at home, so he invited my dad to join him, that's when my dad first saw my mom and the rest is history.

He is one of the kindest people I've ever known. I remember my Lolo as a very giving person. Not only to us his grandchildren but also to the people around him. Everybody loves him. That made him  my favorite Lolo. He is an inspiration to me. As a patient person, being compassionate, flexible in situations and his love for family. I had so much happy memories with him that I hold onto and will still do throughout my lifetime.

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