A Mother's Prayer

08 August 2013

The past weeks' been pretty hectic for me. Most of the time, it involves activities for my 2 little boys. As I was going through some inspiring work on Pinterest this afternoon, I came across a prayer for us moms. 

The prayer describes the work we do on a daily basis and with our trust and gift of patience from The One above, it shows how amazing it is to see that we get through all the fumbles and jumbles multitasking brings us everyday.

It's heartwarming, it's moving, it's relieving, it's rejuvenating, inspiring, motivational, an eye- opener and realistic.
Everyday starting tonight, I will recite this prayer in thanksgiving for the life I have as a stay at home mom. Motherhood has shown me the colorful side of life. Motherhood showed me how to make it extraordinarily beautiful and meaningful.

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