Grew Up With It, Now I'm Still Playing It... LEGO!

17 July 2013

LEGO is one of the toys I grew up playing with. I shared it with my brothers when we were kids. During our younger days, we only have the basic LEGO blocks/ bricks where we can create and build anything we want. Being a little girl, I would always make a house/  home with small cars. 

Over the weekend, my husband and I took our kids to the newly opened Sm Aura in Taguig City. One of our stops was Toy Kingdom. There weren't much people in SM Aura when we visited, so we basically have the whole toy store to ourselves. My eldest son Frankie, likes to build things. He can make his own buildings/ city which he calls "metro city".
LEGO enhances ones imagination, especially for a child. It's a material that can be used to build the child's path to better learning and bringing their thoughts into life.
During our LEGO experience at Toy Kingdom, we shared the work area with other kids. Each has his/her own set to play with. LEGO bricks were placed in the middle to be shared. At first, I was just watching my son do his thing. Then when my little boy started to grab some pieces, I played along and started putting colors together until I finally came up with a castle- like wall.
Maybe my husband noticed how concentrated I was building. He took our baby from me so I won't have a hard time "daw". Anyway, it was fun. Our boys have LEGO toys but mostly are for creating cars and Duplo for the little one. On our next visit we will get Frankie a set that he can use to build his city. He's going to love it!

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