Throwback Thursday: Nursing

04 July 2013

Looks like I'm bringing Throwback Thursday to my blog. Joining TBT is something I look forward to every week. Though I've joined several memes through the years of being a blogger, some I've let go due to lack of time, still 1 meme per week will not do any harm. As a matter of fact, it will add some color to my blog again.

My entry for this week is an image when I studied Nursing. It's my second course in college. I wanted to study again in case I can't find a job months after graduating from my first course. It was a choice between CCA and Nursing school. I ended up in Nursing school  with the promise that my aunt from America will give me a job. During my time (10 years ago), Nursing was at its peak. But then, even with hard work, perseverance and luck, if it's not meant for you, destiny has its ways. My husband proposed to me a year before my graduation. When I got pregnant, I decided not to continue to keep the baby safe because of the risk being exposed to various illnesses if I'm to work in hospitals at the same time.

Most of the students in my batch are aspiring nurses. My friends are nurses here in the Philippines, in America and in Europe. They worked their way to where they are right now. They had years of experience here in the Philippines before they left.
I learned a lot on being a Nursing student. The only difference I have from a regular working nurse is a license. I wasn't able to pursue it but I am very knowledgeable of various medical procedures, medicines, epidemiology of a disease and with great caution and advice from the doctor, it has become helpful to my family in case of emergencies.

The decision I made 10 years ago changed my life... I'm at my best right now. I stay at home to nurture my kids and to be the other half of my husband. Together, we work as a whole to make life extraordinary.

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