Awesomized With Pacific Rim

18 July 2013

I don't even know how to start this entry. I'm still overwhelmed with what Pacific Rim served us, it's viewers. It went way beyond our expectations. Great work from Guillermo del Toro & Travis Beacham. My husband watched it like, twice already. Our weekend was spent only on Pacific Rim. First was on IMAX SM Aura. Second, was with me and the kids in Greenhills. Two days in a row. If I'll be going for a second, that's going to be his third.
That's how good this movie is. 

Well, I read some reviews from unsatisfied movie goers. But heck with those guys, what's their problem? Do you go see a movie to stress your mind figuring things out your way? No. You sit back, relax and enjoy.

"This movie was made by people who loves monsters and giant robots for people who loves monsters and giant robots."- Guillermo del Toro

Pacific Rim is "the movie" if you want to watch something fun, adventurous, exciting, action-packed. A flick with a touch of reality and with a bit of humor on the side, that involves a "sort of" love development between characters and of course,  robots fighting "monstrous" sea monsters, the Kaiju.

It's an "all-in" movie.
The storyline was straight forward, which I really dig. The relationship of Mako and Raleigh was more of a partnership. They were inspired by each other's thoughts and uniqueness that it brought balance not only to the drift they're both in, but also as individuals. Mako Mori has a distinct representation. I thought that the Japanese actress was a great form of tribute to the Japanese community. I've heard a lot and I read some articles that Pacific Rim was also inspired by Japan's Kaiju movies.  Well, from the robots alone, in a way, you can already connect Voltes- V, Voltron and Gundam. Not that they can transform, but because these are manned robots.

My favorite part of the movie was when the Jaegers were battling multiple Kaijus. Especially the double attack in HongKong with the Gipsy Danger scenes. When Mako took out the sword, thought that was another excellent tribute made.

I also like the fact that the artists, especially the director and writers were able to tap into the human side of creating gigantic robots. Did it ever occur to you the what ifs... in making real robots to fight monsters? How's it going to be?  Pacific Rim, I gotta say, holds the closest answer, The Jaeger Program.
I thought the ending was good enough. I wasn't left hanging. Feels like every question in my mind got a corresponding answer. The soundtrack rocks! with geniuses Ramin Djawadi & Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) I went home satisfied and awesomized!

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