The Dance Project

04 July 2013

Before I tell you about this "project", let me share with everyone, that yes, during my younger days. I used to dance. Right now, instead of going to the gym, or getting an exercise equipment, my husband and I invested on a PS3. It has been with us for years now... Dancing is my #1 fitness regimen. I'm not talking about "hardcore dancing" though... just something easy and fun to do everyday to be able to stay fit.
 I have the Michael Jackson Experience, Everybody Dance, Just Dance 3 &4.
Dancing helps me maintain a figure right for my age and my size. I base my regular dancing on the number of songs I'm going to dance in a day not on how many minutes or hours should I dance. For me, I like it that way, since it's fun and it's something I like to do, I don't even notice the time anymore, I just keep on dancing. It will also depend on the moves and the level of difficulty of each.

With this dance project,  I accidentally came across G- Force's Pow Wow. I thought that it's "the dance project" to look into. It's snappy, the moves are accurately done and the performance itself by G-Force is super clean. It's meant to be performed for our Christmas party this year. We thought that it's good to be able to try something extraordinary and yes, we know that it will take a lot of guts. You'll know what I mean once you see the video attached.
My younger sister Les is very much into dancing. She joined several dance contests and trained street dancing under Dance Planet, a dance school supervised by The Manoeuvres. ( She said yes  immediately. I'm still thinking if I'll join her. The only thought for me is that... I might look ridiculous if I'm going to do it. Let's face it, I'm in my mid- 30's, even with a dance background, and with the Move around, my body is not as flexible anymore.  I have very poor  hand and foot coordination.

Anyway, it's easy to decide as time goes by.

This project is such an inspiration. My sister advised me to stick to the Move, it's a good routine so I can slowly warm up my body. I'm looking forward to watching my sister and her group dance to Pow Wow soon. As for me,  I don't really need to dance like the pros, all I have to do is meet my goal everyday. To dance.

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