Life In A Week #2

04 July 2013

My week has been fun as always. Filled with the regular things I do, but somewhat, presented with a twist. Last weekend was spent with my loved ones in my hometown. It was raining hard because of a typhoon, but for some reason it didn't matter. Especially on a day raining so hard, most of us would rather stay indoors. As for us, we continued with our visit to my parents' place.

My mom cooked spaghetti and ordered cake.
The kids had a blast playing.
Our dog Emo got a little something from Ella's dog Boo, but he's okay.
Early Sunday, we went to hear mass.
Then we drove around UP Diliman for some fresh air.
Breakfast in one of our favorite restaurants.
Tasted something new from the menu by the way.
Monday was just plain ordinary.
Tuesday morning, I was lining up at a nearby panaderia for some freshly baked pandesal.
Gorceries done for the week.
Spoiled surprise from my husband :D

My brother messaged me of some contest by Dr. Martens. Here's the funny thing, I was preparing my old boots for some buyer when the message came. I'm suppose to sell my shoes so I can buy a new pair. But with the Dr. Martens contest/ open application game, I was inspired by my own entry and decided to keep my old pair and just save for a new one.

To end another colorful week, my husband asked me to go on a date.  A movie and dinner perhaps. Goal: to watch World War Z on the big screen. I finished the book years ago (, I wanna see if the movie is going to be fantastic and if it will meet Max Brooks'. It's been months since we went on a date, will post about it on the next Life In A Week entry.

Have a great weekend everyone! and Happy 4th of July to our families and friends in America!

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