Life In A Week #1

27 June 2013

The week is almost over... as always, it has been hectic for me as  mom since school started. Even if tired and a bit dazed, here I am sharing my thoughts on how thankful I am for the activities that made life in a span of 7 days extraordinary.

Everyday and every second of it spent with my family is precious. I'm thankful that I've done my duties well as a mother and wife.

Thankful for the cool mornings and relaxing evenings that keep our bodies and minds rejuvenated.
A visit from a person so dear to us.
Conversations shared.
The government flexing its muscles towards informal settlers.
Filipinos can now apply for multiple- entry Japan visa. Highly considering it.
Advices given opening doors for more options/ choices that make things exciting.
Simple pleasures like eating ice cream and drinking Buko juice.
Done with my groceries by the way...

Acquiring proof of ownership for something we worked hard for.
Calling my mom.
Learning that my son is doing great in class, and it's just 3 weeks since school began.

Wonderful weather!

Life is good, life is great!

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