The Governing Factor

26 July 2010

I am as interested as everyone, every Filipino looking forward to what President Noynoy has prepared for us. The President's State of the Nation Address is very important to me being a mother and a wife. Every centavo that I take out of my wallet counts, every drop of perspiration from my husband's hard work matters and the thousands that they take off my husband's salary just for tax is overly ridiculous.  With that ,we don't even feel that our taxes are being used properly. I know that somehow the Aquino administration will solve more this time.

Kudos for laying off from the usual speeches our past presidents has given us. 
A pat on the back for emphasizing on laws and bills needed to be prioritzed. 
A good round of applause for looking up on Education, Poverty, Corruption and other works illegally attained.

My question: How will the new admin go about their promises? Why am I asking? You see, we fought the very same problems over and over again. I'm fed up hearing falls hopes and dreams.  The only thing that shed light for the past years--- are  the people being more vigilant. That's why during the whole term of the Arroyo admin, reports of corruption are exposed immediately. But over-all, these were the very same problems for every President who sat down in MalacaƱang. *Naiba lang ang pangalan ng mga taong kailangang managot.

As an individual I had expectations. I wished President Noynoy concentrated more on the path towards a better Philippines not tracking back anomalies and irregularities from the previous administration. Because really, we're very much aware of these things, and there are far worst than what he mentioned.  It was his time to open himself to the nation to share what the President really wants for the country, not the people behind him. This was his moment. It's better if he said that they're already handling those mishaps (from the previous gov't )and  moving on to what he has got to offer the country for the next 5 years, or at least what's expected under the new government.

But again my bad, what can I do right? I mean, I should have kept an open mind and adjusted to whatever was served during the President's first State Of The Nation Address.

I have high hopes for President Noynoy.  President Noynoy is a good person. I know he will not let us down. But  I am also looking for that so-called "governing factor". One major thing I'm worried about are the  people around him.

Governing: To exercise a deciding or determining influence. It's not just being the leader of the pack or  a group and country for this matter. It is the determining influence, to keep control, the force behind every person placed in position in order to achieve goals for a particular department.

The factor that will give him wisdom to enlighten the people around him on what's right and what's not. And as citizens, progress starts with us. If you're going to be lazy your whole life relying on the government, it will take you forever to reach your dreams, and you'll end up blaming others too.  It's hard work, and perseverance on our/ your part in order to achieve the life we've/ you've always dreamed of.

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