From Thick To Thin

10 July 2010

For a little story on cellphones. The first cellphone I had was an Alcatel Bubble Phone. You know, their cute "glow in the dark" units. I was still in college then. Since my parents didn't believe in the luxury of having a cellphone, I had to save up for my very own. It was fulfilling to be able to buy my first gadget with my very own allowance money. When I graduated from college, that's the time my parents upgraded my cellphone to a Nokia 6150. I didn't really have any intentions of changing my unit that time. Cellphones units were being sold for a very high price. Of course the newer it is the more expensive. I didn't see the value on upgrading and upgrading all the time.

Through the years, I still changed cellphones,  because they were passed down to me by my dad and my old one, to my brother. When I got married, I sold the cellphone (which was my first Sony Ericsson) my dad gave me and got a smaller unit which is a Nokia 8310. After my 8310, the rest followed: my husband told me to sell it because he is going to give a 6600 (which I sold to my younger brother since there were too much cellphones hanging around) . And when when he got a Blackberry some 2 years back, he gave me his Sony Ericsson P990i. 

To continue---

You see, these cellphones were all handed down to me. Happy? Of course I am, because I didn't spend a single centavo to have it all.

I stopped my first story with a Sony Ericsson P990i right ? so we will begin the main story with that Sony Ericsson P990i.

As we can see in the pictures below, a Sony Ericsson is bulky.  This unit is more for  the guys than us ladies. I have been using it for 2 years. And within those 2 years I came across some events when I had difficulty figuring out on where to put my SEP990i if I need to bring a small bag or a clutch for weddings and other formal occasions.
Today, I was finally graced with a thinner cellphone. Another Nokia.
And believe me, I am going through the manual slowly, because the last Nokia I had wasn't even in color (8310).
sweet nothings
Can you spot the big difference?

Nothing fancy or something to be wild about. I'm glad that I was given another option in case some event comes up. I can fit this thinner cellphone inside any bag I want to use, and my Sony Ericsson will still be around if I wanna be a little adventurous.


Beth said...

Did you know that I really like Sony Ericsson phones but never own one yet?! hay nko, since nagkacellphone ako, Nokia na talaga lagi kong gamit. I like SE. Mas matibay kasi siya :)

Congrats in advance sa price mo sa photography contest, ang galing naman!

Enchie said...

Hi Beth! Naku true. SE cellphones are the most durable. Nakailang bagsak na rin yung akin, tapos handy me down pa pero still looks brand new and works perfectly fine.