Bits Of A Blog-Free Week

23 July 2010

Counting back, it's been a week since my last post. And every time I log-in without nothing to post makes me feel kinda weird, especially when I'm used to posting almost everyday. Anyway, I let me break the boredom with this blog. This week, I've been pretty busy with my regular tasks here around the house. In- between I run some errands.
  • I brought my Pentax SLR to a nearby camera center to have  it fixed. There was a slight shutter problem. But it's all good, it's working fine again. 
  • I've been keeping up with my son's schedule.
  • I have tons of laundry to settle. It's been raining hard the whole week, and man, what a hassle! We all know clothes that are not properly dried, stinks. 
  • I got fresh , sweet Pomelo (suha) from Davao.
  • Took my grandmother out for her 80th birthday and went to her hometown, and she took me back in time (Malate Manila World War II). 
Malate Church (1588- present)

I may have 0 posts, but in reality, it has been an awesome week for me. I learned to be more patient when my other camera broke down, I became flexible coping with my son's activities, the sun showed up early this morning, I was able to finish my laundry, a healthy fruit to go with my favorite meal, and the most moving event was celebrating with my grandmother on her 80th birthday. I learned a lot being with her in one day. Her life's stories about war, family ties, hardships, freedom and how to become a strong person to battle off fear, frustrations and moving on with dignity.


Chris said...

its great to hear that you had an awesome week :) see you around Enchie! :D

♥peachkins♥ said...

What a nice week,huh? I think I had a pretty good week myself.

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

I always passed by Malate Church when I was still working.
I too have so many things to blog about,it's the blogging time that I don't have.
Happy Weekend!!!

Beth said...

Pag minsan, walang post ibig sabihin, busy and maybe having the time of our life! Good to know you had an awesome week, Enchie! Sna, this coming week, awesome din for me! :)

Tetcha said...

That was a productive way to spend the week. The time you spent with your lola was most precious!