We Survived Our First Storm

14 July 2010

Was it just about another poor weather forecast? I mean, as of 8pm last night watching the evening news, they announced that the typhoon is expected Wednesday morning and it will not pass Metro Manila. By 9pm, the wind was already blowing, the sky is all red and it was raining hard. As of 11pm, they announced that Metro Manila was under signal no. 2.

Come on! That's the most ridiculous forecast I have ever heard. With signal no. 2 it was already chaos outside my house and I live in Quezon City. I heard 2 or 3 transformers blowing, and as expected power was shut down. My parents called that a huge tree fell right at my sister's bedroom window. Was that signal no. 2?

It's obvious that the typhoon was headed our way or was it already upon us? Nature is surely unpredictable. Sometimes, I'd choose to rely on my own instincts, just looking out our window.

Typhoon Basyang was the first storm we experienced in our new home, and it's far different to when we were still living in a condo. In our old condo, we couldn't even here a sound from outside with all the concrete walls that surrounds us. We now live in a small house with bigger windows.  This time, my son got really scared. Franky even cried. It was his first time to feel and witness what a storm is. We can actually feel the cool wind blowing and howling. We can see trees swaying and dancing, we can here some banging from the roof, we saw  a tree just beside our house fall.

But every child needs to know and understand these kind of situations. I brought Franky by our window, and explained that a storm is just rain with some winds and it's stronger. We stayed up just looking out our window. Part of me was praying for our safety and for the rest. Part left me in awe on  how powerful nature can be. My husband got stuck in his office. I advised him to stay safe where ever he is. My parents called once in awhile to check on me and Franky too. By 1am my son was able to sleep. Remember my mini fan and my Magic Touch Lights entry? They all came in handy. Inspite of the rage this storm brought  us,  we were able to sleep well and we all stayed safe.


Chris said...

i am glad to hear that you are well and safe. i couldn't sleep the whole night... i keep hearing the wind and our roof was already making all sorts of noises. true enough, our roofing has been affected. we would need to have it fixed as soon as the weather gets better. but aside from that, it seems that every thing is okay.

it just shows us how powerful God really is, hindi ba? we are so powerless and helpless naman talaga.

Mys said...

Glad to hear your safe. My sister-in-law who lives in Taguig was texting at 1 in the morning sharing her stories of the storm.